I’m Helen Farmer. Previously Helen Spearman – the name change is still taking some getting used to, never mind the fact I now drive a Kia Sportage and have two daughters. There’s a husband (major legal problem living in Dubai without one of those if you choose to breed) and a couple of cocker spaniels too. One is staring at me right now. We live in a villa just over the road from the beach. We really should go to the beach more.

I’ve been in the Middle East for ten years, including a few months in Bahrain (not my scene) and the rest in Dubai, where I work as an editor, journalist and radio presenter.

I start hobbies I don’t finish (hello screen printing), love swimming, go to F45 for the music, and love my VPN and all the UK TV it brings into my life more than I really should.

The years in Dubai have brought amazing friends, my marriage, a baby and a career, and for that I’ll always be grateful. But this place is a little, umm, taxing at times. Ironic…

While I don’t really identify as a ‘Dubai mummy blogger’, I’m a mum who blogs, so there we go! I’m hoping this blog sheds some light on the good and bad of real life and motherhood in the UAE.

You can contact me on helen@themothershipdxb.com or via the form

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