10 things I *think* my toddler is telling me

May 10, 2016

At 15 months, Phoebe is a pretty typical toddler – we have a few words (dad, dog, duck…) but most of the time we need a baby whisperer to translate the pointing, shrieks and faces into instructions. You know, so we don’t both go mental.

Frowning in the general direction of a table covered in things can lead to frustration on my side – “Your water? Toast? Wipes? Ohhhh, you want to put the lid on the cup” and tantrums from her.

I’ve spent the last week or so observing to help decipher exactly what she wants and, in her own words, I think it’s this…

1. Mum, I really want to sit in the dog’s bed. A lot. Even when she’s not in it. Especially then.

2. But when she is in it I’d like to hug her in a way that makes you nervous.

3. And splash around in their dog bowl. I know that’s why you got me the cage but a bit of plastic isn’t enough to keep me away from water play.

4. Please let me demonstrate my new knowledge of the word ‘eye’ by poking you in it. And maybe the dog too.

5. You know that teddy we see when we go to Spinneys? Please just buy it for me. It can go in the cage.

6. When I say ‘eee eee eee’ just play the damn monkey song. I know you like the ‘bow wow wow’ song, but this isn’t about you.

7. All I want is enough time alone in your bathroom to unravel the loo roll and work out how the bum hose works. PLEASE GIVE ME JUST A FEW MINUTES TO MYSELF!

8. When we’re at the beach, just let me eat some sand. Maybe a rock or two.

9. I love balloons. You know how much I love balloons. Let me hold them all the time, and don’t get so weird when I try to bite them.

10. You gave me crayons, and I like them. But I like your pens more, and really feel they’re a better medium for my creativity. Especially on the coffee table.

So that’s me told. Any tips from your little ones?

One response to “10 things I *think* my toddler is telling me”

  1. Exactly my situation with my 15 month old! Not to forget the excitement when he sees something he “knows” and people wondering what the heck he’s trying to say! Lol. Or that very irritated look (why don’t u eat it mom) when I give him something he dislikes. Fun, fun indeed. I enjoyed reading this.

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