10 thoughts you have during a Flywheel class

October 20, 2015

I’ve been doing Flywheel on and off for the last three years (eg I stopped when I was pregnant – any excuse – and when I’m skint it’s a bit of a luxury) and love to hate it. For the uninitiated, it’s basically spinning, but in a pitch black room, with amazing music and a much more competitive vibe. I think it’s pretty fair to call it a cult. In a nice, neon Lycra-clad way.

In my darker moments during a session my brain tries to escape; I’ve had full-blown fantasies about unclipping my shoes and going next door for a Costa, and I don’t even drink coffee. This is what goes through my mind in most classes…

  1. This is it. The answer to my weight loss woes. 45 minutes of pure, calorie burning awesomeness. I’m a new woman in my new leggings.
  2. Just going to scope out the other riders and check my form in the mirror while the lights are still on. Oh dear – side profile in the new leggings is not a good look.
  3. Is that girl just wearing a sports bra? I’m 15 years too old for this. Please turn the lights off NOW.
  4. We’re sprinting. We’re hitting 100. I think my legs might fall off. Oh god, I think I can smell the wine I drank last night.
  5. Who was it that just whooped way too loudly? What a pillock.
  6. We’re climbing. I think I’m going to black out.
  7. My song! I love this song! Good grief, I was just singing loudly without realising it.
  8. I never knew this song was so long. I HATE this song.
  9. Time for arms. Must not hit myself in the face with my weight. Ouch.
  10. Never doing that again. How many calories did I burn? Wow. Okay. That was worth the puce face I’ll have for the next three hours.

Illustration by Pin Dippy

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