4 to try – treat yourself with these cool tees for mums

April 14, 2016

There’s something about Thursdays that makes me want to shop – but going to mall is rarely appealing. After some serious scrolling on Instagram I’ve rounded up some of my favourite mum-themed tees and tops for your online purchasing pleasures, whether it’s for yourself, a fellow mum or a baby shower gift that isn’t for the sprog…


1.    Selfish Mother

GBP45/Dhs233 plus postage

I love a grey sweat, and this one gets extra points for some French flair, but mainly because the profits go to Help Refugees UK, a charity that helps asylum seekers.


2.    This Kid Clothing Co

CA$35/Dhs100 plus postage

This Canadian company stocks cotton tees for little people and grown ups, designed to wear solo or matching (check out the mini version here). Although if there’s a tantrum I’d be tempted to wear a t-shirt saying ‘NOT THIS KID’S MUM’.


3.    Parent Apparel at The Dandy Kid

GBP40/Dhs207 plus postage

The place to go some great tongue-in-cheek slogan tops (think ‘Good Yawning’ and ‘School Runnings’) my fave offering from Parent Apparel is this ‘Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life’ sweater, in collaboration with ex Dubai resident, my pal Anna AKA instamama Mother Pukka. Perhaps not one to wear in the UAE…


4.    Alphabet Bags

GBP20/Dhs103 plus postage

I’ve bought many (many) gifts from here, from phone cases to purses, and the clothing is well worth a look too. Tell the world why you have bags under your eyes with this unisex Exhausted baseball-style tee – there’s also one that says Yawn.

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  1. Ekta says:

    There is also a Dubai based company where you could create your own tshirts, vest tops etc. online – Inkmash.com

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