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7 things to love about the new Bugaboo Bee 5

July 18, 2017


I’ve fallen in love. I thought it was a crush at first – some very good looks caught my eye, but the more we get to know each other, I realise that this is the real thing.


Don’t worry. My husband knows. Sometimes we spend time all together. I think he’s quite smitten too…


My life isn’t quite as scandalous as all that suggests, because it’s a stroller that turned my head. The new Bugaboo Bee 5, to be precise. As a Bugaboo lover I was looking forward to meeting the new member of the family, but as a die-hard Cameleon fan, I wasn’t sure I’d make the switch, but I have. Here’s why…


  1. Have you SEEN it?!

She’s so pretty. Well, mine is definitely a she. Sprinkled with beautiful butterflies, I’ve been stopped in the mall, in the street, in cafes and more by strangers asking where I found such a pretty stroller. We chose the new Botanic print (I say ‘we’ – my husband might have chosen something else…), and it’s a beauty.


bugaboo bee 5 mothership dubai citywalk streetart


  1. You can create your dream look

With custom handle grips, wheel caps, chassis and seemingly endless combos of designs for the bassinette, sun canopy, seat, you can make a unique Bugaboo to fit your style. There are actually 792 different combinations, from prints to solids, brights to neutrals and tiny details that make it yours. The website has an easy to use function where you can put together the various elements to find yours.


  1. This really an urban pushchair

More agile that other members of the Bugaboo gang, the lightweight Bee 5 has features including a one-hand, one-piece fold, so you can hold your little one, while popping it in the back of the car, or carry it onto public transport. Being smaller means it works well for those who live in apartments, and it collapses down to fit behind doors or in small spaces.


  1. So easy to use

Do not underestimate the ability to steer a stroller one-handed while you wrangle a toddler/shop/carry the groceries with the other. She drives like a dream. Super smooth with four-wheel suspension and suitable from birth to toddler, it’s easy to assemble, adjust and fold down – just look for the white parts, as they’re the bits that move.


bugaboo bee 5 mothership dubai citywalk streetart


  1. It grows with your child (and adjusts to you)

The seat and backrest on the Bugaboo Bee 5 extend, your child is able to face you or the world, and can be flat, reclined or upright. The sun canopy’s zip reveals an extra section to keep the rays off your little one. The handlebars slide up for easy pushing no matter how tall you are (it’s a Dutch company so they have, well, high standards).


  1. Safety is crucial

I love that the bassinette mattress is breathable and allows for air to circulate, meaning your baby is safe even when sleeping on their stomach. And the five-point harness keeps them safe and secure once they graduate to the seat. This improved model has added padding to the seats, too, so they’re even more comfortable for little bums. The sun canopy even boasts SPF50+ protection – perfect for us desert dwellers or for taking on holiday to sunny spots.


  1. It fits with your life

From carseat compatibility to coordinating with your personal style, this stroller will complement your life perfectly. Want to change things up? You can get the different style elements separately, so there’s a new look in seconds, as well adding everything you need, from that crucial coffee cup holder to a cocoon for cold weather, even a wheel board for when your family grows. The basket can now carry up to 4kg too.


Cute but robust (just like my baby!), the new Bugaboo Bee 5 is ideal for city slickers, or those looking for a nimble stroller that won’t take up too much space or compromise on comfort.


You can find it in Just Kidding and Bumblebee, or head to Bugaboo.com for more information.


H x


Curious why Bugaboo went from Bee 3 to Bee 5? The number four has negative associations in China (I love a factoid).


bugaboo bee 5 mothership dubai citywalk streetart


Images by John Marsland – http://johnmarslandphoto.com

This post was written with the support of Bugaboo.

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