A welcome reality check

March 31, 2016

I’m not normally a fan of those Facebook notifications, the ones that show you what you were doing three, six, eight years ago, when my dress size was smaller and I didn’t look so bloody tired.

But after a long day, tonight I flopped on the sofa with a giant glass of wine and idly scrolled through my feed. And this popped up.

The many faces of Phoebe Farmer

Taken a year ago to the day, this was exactly when I started to think of Phoebe with a little personality of her own – a character that was hers, before any other factors came into play. A funny, expressive tiny person.

So this is to say thank you, that after a full-on week, when I’ve hardly seen her little face, I was reminded of a special milestone. Don’t let this go to your head, Zuckerberg – I still hate the ‘you might know’ function. If I’m not friends with someone that pops up, it’s probably because I detest them…

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