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Win! A hotel stay, spa time (and even babysitting) with Premier Inn

November 29, 2016



Hands up who’s tired? Maybe your little one doesn’t sleep through the night, or is going through the dreaded sleep regression, or decides it’s playtime at 4.30am, or has a habit of wanting a cuddle/drink/chat when they should be sleeping happily in their bed? If you wake up sleepy, need a mid-afternoon chocolate fix to get through the day, and fantasise about going back to bed as soon as you wake up, you might be the UAE’s most sleep deprived parent.


But don’t fear – it’s not all bad news! There could be a reward for the bags under your eyes and all that yawning. If you dream of sleeping, uninterrupted, all night, waking up when your body is ready (rather than having eyelids prised open by tiny fingers) and even having a bonus doze, then read on…




The Mothership has teamed up with Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall to find the most worthy winners of a great night’s sleep. During December and January, we’ll be looking for two exhausted mums or dads, and they’ll be treated to a stay at the hotel, where award-winning beds and a haven of peace await and the stylish, spacious rooms come with a Good Night Guarantee. You’ll also win breakfast, access to the pool and gym, and a spa treatment. There’s a fully licensed restaurant and bar, Mr Toad’s Pub & Kitchen, on-site too.


premier inn dubai mothership


Worried about leaving the kids behind? Relax, as Sublime Home Care will be at home and on hand, with fully trained nurses to look after them, or bring the kids to Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall and Sublime Home Care will babysit so you can head out to dinner and a movie at the mall (which is connected by an air-conditioned walkway).


And if you want the kids to come along for a hotel stay, Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall offers family rooms where two children under the age of 16 stay and eat breakfast for free.  Cots are always available free of charge too, which adds a nice touch.
premier inn dubai mothership

How to win?


Entering this competition is easy, and you can do it right now. Love Instagram? Simply upload a photo of you and your crazy kids, tagging @TheMothershipDXB and @PremierInnGulf, and use the hashtags #givemeabreak and #wakeupwonderful. The crazier the better! Prefer words? Just comment below, telling us why you need a night of great sleep. We will pick two winners on December 19, and there’ll be another chance to enter in January.


premier inn dubai mothership


Terms & Conditions

This competition is open to UAE residents only. The winners will be chosen by The Mothership and Premier Inn, and announced on social media.


69 responses to “Win! A hotel stay, spa time (and even babysitting) with Premier Inn”

  1. Naythar says:

    I believe me and my husband deserve to win because we have the most difficult 2 boys in terms of sleep. Our 3 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night and wakes up a minimum of 2 times during the night on a good day. You can imagine what a bad day looks like. My 1 year old expects to be cuddled to sleep through the night and a slight movement will wake him up. What a nightmare! Please help us get a good night’s sleep which we have been needing since 2013.

  2. Bhawna Manwani - Chahat Lalwani says:

    I believe I could definitely use this break. My sweet little adorable 8-month old monster loves to be fed by dearest mommy all day long n of course to be carried around. Juggling, work and home and the baby (and wishing to lose some of the extra KGS) is enough to stress anyone out. Could use a night of uninterrupted sleep past 5am. Momma needs a break too!

  3. Lorna King says:

    We are working parents of a teething six month old, trying to balance our jobs, study outside of work as well as my husbands domestic duties. This year that included hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years dinners at our place so we can still see our friends whilst aiming for that all important 9pm bed time for yjto family! We’d love a good nights rest ahead of my husband’s daughters arrival, so we can spend our first family Christmas together alert and joyfully!

  4. Tivoli Khalaf says:

    Ahh a good nights sleep… those words are never spoken in our home. We have 4 lively children… lively lol. A 3 year old boy, 2 year old twins (girl and boy) and a new 2 month old baby girl, who I say is the best at sleeping then the rest. I’m a stay at home mom to all of them alone…. no nanny in our crazy house hold but much needed. My husband is a Math teacher to 10th and 11th grade boys…. so crazy there to. We handle the madness and the crying and the tears. But we would both sure like A GoodNights Sleep!

  5. Anupama Lulla says:

    As a working parent of a 15 month old boy driving 170 kms to work and back each day, have not taken a holiday for 3 years now. As a mother of boy who is teething, does not eat and wakes up 3-4 times each night I believe I deserve this local break to relax my mind and body.

  6. Mel Medina says:

    I badly need this break to get much needed rest. Been trying to catch on sleep after spending 2 nights at the hospital last week. My 16-month old got some viral infection, along with high fever, cough & colds. This mom spent 3 days and nights cuddling & carrying her 11kg sick (and teething) little girl. For some reason, hotel beds make us snooze better. It must be the fluffly pillows and comfy duvet (or maybe the thought of not having to prepare breakfast). We could really use this chance to recharge for the coming holidays.

  7. I have actually posted on mom forums to ask mums why my 1.5 year old doesn’t sleep at night. He doesn’t yawn till midnight and then when he sleeps after an hour of swaying he wakes up every two hours. My hubby is often late for work due to my munchkin waking up at 8am and not getting off his shoulder. All I want this festive season is a night of good sleep and haven’t had a date night or breakfast with my hubby alone for two years now! HELP!!!!!

  8. Jnalyn says:

    Wish to win…coz im really sleep deprived and wants to relax and have a quality time for my husband and kids 😊😊😊 this is all i wish as a working mom 👍👍👍

  9. Ashleigh says:

    Ah finally a competition I can win…….. so last December Baby Number 4 joined our clan. And we are exhausted!!!

    We have had a year of terrible reflux, with her constantly being sick and crying 😥 she still has no teeth but has been teething for the last 6 months 😂😂😂 (with lots of lovely ‘teething’ symptoms like temperatures, colds and distributed sleep) until very recently the little toe rag would only sleep on top of me (or daddy – if she was having a particularly good day) and she is still waking in the night to be breast fed at least 4 times – every single night!!!! If she had been the first we might have stopped at 1 😆😆😆😆😆

  10. Nasha Mobed says:

    It’s really chaotic at work since the past few weeks with literally no time to breathe. After coming home all drained out, I help the kids with their homework, cook and get the food on the table, clean and get things ready for the next school day. I’m absolutely lifeless when I hit the sack! I desperately need my beauty sleep as I don’t want the dark circles underneath my eyes to get darker than they already are and the eye bags to get baggier with the fatigue of overwork. This is just what I need!

  11. aiza ong says:

    hope i win because eversince i am sleep deprived.i am a hands on mom even if i work, i make sure that i takes care of my kids need.especially now that i have a 5 year old son who’s going to school, i wake up at 5 am to orepare him for school.and nit to mention my 2 years old daughter who wakes up in between the middle of the night to drink milk.i enjoyed being a mother but i hope to win so i can relax with my family.

  12. We would love to win this night away. Uninterrupted sleep sounds heavenly… We are JAMs ‘just about managing’ parents to an adorable 4 month old boy and girl / boy twins who turned 3 yesterday! Our home is full on. I’m a stay at home mummy and we have no helper. The rooms look lovely and the beds so inviting…will keep our fingers crossed.

  13. Clare says:

    I actually asked my husband for a night on my own at a hotel to get some sleep, a massage and nails done and his response was NO (fear of not coping without me – aka his Wonder Woman)..
    This Wonder Woman is sleep deprived by her 4 month old little rascle who is so nosey and inquisitive she refuses to sleep which drives mummy bonkers to say the least!
    I would looove to go and recouperate and recharge my energiser bunny batteries and leave him to see how the other side of the coin is! 😂😂

  14. Sanna Malhotra says:

    I believe we could definitely use this as our anniversary is coming on the 28th December and we haven’t had any time over a year…our 2 year old is up till late and I almost always pass out with him leaving very little time with my husband…crossing my fingers…hope to win

  15. Sellah Ayuku says:

    Am one exhausted mummy since I can’t sleep during the day!
    I got 2 lovely children the first one is 4yrs old so it means I have to be up and help her get ready for school. Then there’s the infant 1month old who keeps me awake for he wakes up every 2-3hours and sometimes stays awake for an hour or 2 playing which makes it impossible for me to sleep.
    Sometimes I wish I could get at least 6hours straight of sleep at night but I can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And when the little one wakes up its tough for me to fall asleep I end up sleep deprived. It gets worse when he cries for long since he’s fighting off sleep yet he’s sleepy,I get frustrated too🙈🙈🙈
    And by 6 am out of bed to prepare my girl for school. And she’s fussy eater so again I have to ensure she eats well before she leaves.
    My hubby always exhausted after working long shifts so he can’t help much😏
    It’s a blessing being a parent but challenging.
    I believe I need a break😊

  16. Angelica Ancaja says:

    My family deserves a break and good night sleep this winter. We are living in a small flat to save money. Every weekdays I woke up early to prepare foods for my husband who is very hardworking and my son going to school. This suits to unwind and relax my hubby from loads of office works. Perfect vacation for my son who is very studious with lots of activities in school and homeworks. As well as to me, who do all our household chores everyday. Wish to win!

  17. Julia O says:

    Permanent dark bags under eyes – check. Depleted brain capacity – check. A baby who is allergic to sleep – check check check!
    As a working mum with a husband who does shift work, no family or helper around to assist, and the bad habit of feeding my 10 month old baby back to sleep (meaning night shifts are allll me!) all I want for Christmas is the gift of sleep. Any attempts by my husband to give me a night off is hindered by the fact that I seem to be programmed to instantly wake up the second bubba starts to cry. My husband and I literally had a conversation the other day where I told him I was so sleep deprived I needed to run away to a hotel for a nights sleep. Please help me, if only for the fact I managed to string a few articulate sentences together to write this answer in my sleep deprived state 🙂

  18. Janice Baptista says:

    Pleeeeeeeease I really need this!! I haven’t had a night of straight 8 hours sleep for a year!! Since the time my (almost!) one year old son was born on 13th Dec 2015. Its been 3- 4 hours sleep at best, juggling work and home, and my 4 year old daughter too. My husband and I haven’t had a night out for the past 4 years!! So so hoping to win this!!! #givemeabreak #wakeupwonderful #sleepdeprived @TheMothershipDXB @PremierInnGulf

  19. Louise Ball says:

    Mum of two boys, 2yrs 4mths and an 11 month old. I actually cannot remember the last time I had more than 3hrs sleep in a row! I returned to fulltime work just over 3 months ago, sleep deprivation is slowly killing me……..I fantasize about sleeping almost everyday and literally could not survive if it wasn’t for copious amounts of coffee. I really need some sleep, please help! lol xx

  20. Katalin says:

    Having two little daughter is a fun, day and night too. The older (2 years old) enjoys to jump on the bed while the 8-month old sister is crawling around. What a big laugh! Playing in mums bed or working there on the latest draw, or just keep the laundry on the top – the parents place is definitely the best! Even for the night feeding or cuddles. And of course, the girls love to sleep in our bed.
    But where do I sleep?! No issue, there is no time to sleep.

  21. Aisha imran says:

    Really hope my husband and I get this. I’m a mom who had a c section and had no one to help around post delivery! I still take care of everything on my own.. my son is now a toddler and he had surgery when he was two months old too. We both have a had a rough year and I think we really need time to relax and get our mental stress out of the way.. we both deserve a good sleep with no chores to do around ..
    Dubais most exhausted parents

  22. Zainab Kapadia says:

    My husband and I are super super exhausted lookin after our 4year old who has a number of allergies [ so this beautiful weather is actually torture for us 🙁 ] and my 7 month old who is teething . Need I say more ??
    On a good day, we get 3 hours of undisturbed sleep 😩

  23. Farheen says:

    I so deserve to win….My 5 month old doesn’t sleep at night and needs to be fed whole night …as a first time mother I’m always exhausted and anxious with all the new stuff. Me and my husband haven’t got ANY quality time as my little one always needs one of us around. I would love a spa and some time off with my hubby and a good sleep. It would be the best new years gift 😉

  24. Mel says:

    I have not slept properly since my baby was born 18 glorious months ago. I used to sleep very very well but i think since having my baby, sleep begun to feel like i was ignoring him and eventually he left me all together. So sleep and i are no longer on speaking terms. As much as i would love to win this, it honestly looks and sounds fabulous, i think it would be a waste of time giving it to me. I dont think anything would bring sleep back to me. Not even a luxurious hotel bed and dinner with my poor wife deprived husband. Unless of course, you can act as a mediator of sorts, get me and sleep back on speaking terms. Now thats something id like to see! Id be willing to do my part if sleep is.

  25. Nisha Khiara says:

    We are an exhausted lot.. Trust me!! With 2 kids aged 7 and 3.5 years.. I don’t understand why are their energy levels highest on days when ours are the lowest.. Anyways, so we stay in a joint family, so me my hubby and the kids all cramped up in one room. So everything happens in the same room.. And I end up cleaning and arranging things almost 5..10..15..shoot.. I have even lost the count of number of times I have to tidy up stuff!! We don’t go out much as we don’t have a nanny.. So the kids are with us almost everywhere.. We sooooo need this break.. Now that the winter vacations are going to be on soon.. The little bit of peace I could manage in the morning hours will be gone too!! Maybe this break could be the silver lining for us!!! Everything said.. I love my mini monsters a lot and think it’s all going to be worth in the end.. However little bit selfishness I guess is acceptable.. Fingers crossed.. Hope to win!! And I mean… Really hope to win!!

  26. Fareeha Hasan says:

    OMG! Is this competition for real or am I dreaming?! I want it! And prefer words! Six years into marriage with two boys of 4.5 years and 21 months who both were exclusively breastfed for first six months (with younger one, STILL co-sleeping because he needs milk at night for comfort.) Then there is total sacrifice of leisure for their nurture and care. I don’t even remember my last ‘date’ with my husband or a quiet movie time without interruption – leave all this, I dont even remember the last time I enjoyed my dessert in peace or wore a new dress that wasn’t stained or creased. *sigh* I am deprived of these simple little joys of life because of two bigger joyful boys to whom I love to give all of my time and energy as these growing years wont come back BUT gimme a break (be it for a day only).

  27. Swpna Puthenveettil says:

    Rrally wish to win as am a mother of a two year baby! Hvnt slept continuously for hours since pregnancy…..she still needs comfort feeding! Really really really wish to get a few days off from hime? Cant afford a vacation as am not working…..hubby also tired! Wish to win! Truly need a break! #givemeabreak #wakeupwonderful.

  28. Ella Cole says:

    I am:
    15 weeks preggo withBaby No. 2
    Hungry all the time so I wake up middle of the night to snack
    Jet lagged for a week now after a 2-week trip to the US
    A SAHM to a toddler who doesn’t go to nursery yet
    Without nanny around the house
    A wife to a hubby who travels for a living

    Too exhausted to compose decent sentences to enter this competition

  29. Sumayya says:

    I think I need a break! After delivering my second baby in Feb 2016 I had to join back work within 2.5 months. With economic impact, work @ office was hectic and what awaits me @ home was my little one and toddler @3yrs waiting to jump onto mommy for their playtime. It’s been nine months since I slept continously for more than 3 hours ☺ thanks to my night riders! With husband having to travel a lot in his job, and kids falling sick ‘thanks to the viruses’ I learned to be active with just 4-5 hrs of sleep. You competition sounds to me like a dream too good to be true!!

  30. Jocelyn Ang says:

    I have been a stay home for 2 years, taking care of baby Emily. Me and Emily have been traveling buddies as well, never a day away from each other. Traveling to Dubai to stay with hubby or going back to my hometown to stay with my mom. No day off. Hence I deserve a much needed vacation! 🙂

  31. Zakiya says:

    All mommies n daddies would do with a break!!
    We find ourselves parents to 2 very special boys.. One is a hyper 4 year old and the younger a chubby lil 6 month old..
    Between night feeds and early morning school alarms..
    We definitely cud do wid some stress busting esp in this gorgeous weather!!

  32. Virginia says:

    My husband and I definitely needed a break.! We’re living in RAK, husband driving driving down the road from home to work to Jebel Ali, I’m 32 weeks pregnant and currently getting our 3 yrs old boy to sleep in his own bed which is a bit challenging than potty training. The bed training causes us lack of sleep that makes my husband not productive at work and as a pregnant woman, I really really need a good rest (which I’m not getting at the moment). Also so much things to do for the new addition coming soon, need to go shopping for baby stuff and I like to go to Dubai to shop but don’t really want my husband to drive for me (since I don’t know how to drive). So I think we deserve this break!

  33. Fatima says:

    I just want to wish all the tired mum’s and dads out there good luck and peaceful nights. I have 3 year old triplets who have all had sleep issues for various reasons… in order to combat some of the issues we recently had tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies and grommets in their ears. All 3 had all 3 surgeries. As a full time working mum it has been a hellish couple of weeks – but finally – after more than 40 months of sleeplessness – we had a break through and all 3 slept through the night without a peep! Magic! I hope a deserving family gets a nice break – I feel the pain of tired mum’s looking after tired babies…. peace to you all!!

  34. Mariam says:

    Parenting is the world’s hardest job! Am and exhausted working mom of a 2 year old baby girl. I haven’t slept a full night since october 2014😀 but I still love being a mom😍

  35. Jamila Sherwala says:

    This is indeed a valuable giveaway and a must needed one… I have two boys and oh my sleeping is still an issue.. one is 6 and other is 3 and a half … there’s lots and lots to do for the whole day.. as I am working lady.. and coming back home I do everything by my own.. there’s no maid even… so a good night is a must so that I can be fit when I wake up the next morning😃 wish to win this fabulous giveaway. . it’s just a perfect one.. THANKS a million

  36. andrea allen says:

    I would like to nominate an amazing mum and dad team. They have a special needs son and a very acitive toddler and no help. They have had a really challenging year and truly deserve something as wonderful as this to make them smile. They never get anytime together as they can’t leave their boys with just anyone. As such I would like to volunteer for the babysitting if they win and they truly deserve to.

  37. reema sandeep says:

    i believe we me n my husband are the most deserving for this giveaway!!being a working mother is such a tough scenario plus coming home late after work only to know that the house is so messy with my 3yr old daughter!!😣, though u finish everything on time to have a good night sleep only when you come to know tht she wakes up in the midnight with infinity requirements 😣😣so definitely we require a peaceful break from this hec tic life!!!!

  38. No! Not Again!Huwaaaaaaat! Y me? oh mY goooooooosh! Stoooooooooop! Wait!

    These were my Normal expression out of exhaustion😣😣😣

    Got 3 sweet and naughty kids ages 5 yrs old, 2 y/o, and 4month old. Very happy yet very very very very very tired.

    I literally started talking to a rock begging it to infect my children to be still for at least five minutes. In fact I named The Rock “Amigo” . Then I realized just now… Hey, I’m talking to a rock! Gosh.. Im going Gaga😕😕😕

    I really need a break. You think?😌😌😌

  39. Vanita says:

    I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open 😵😴😰😰 mother of 2 little terrors 👹👹 I hope I get this well needed break 🏖💃🏻💃🏻

  40. Nisha sangeeth says:

    It has been since a weak no sleep 😴, Busy with exams of my elder boy, taking care of kids where my younger one gets unwell due to climate change and to add more it was a room shifting week too…. being allergic and being through so much of dust, packing , cleaning …uffff fed up with back pain and migraine…longing for a day out and from these hectic atleast one to get recharged

  41. April Rodriguez says:

    I have been in pain since the last quarter of my pregnancy until now that my son is 2 months. We just came out of the hospital at the same time as shifting houses. We really really need a relaxing break

  42. Nana Nedeljkovic says:

    I am a mum of 3-a 14 year old who trains swimming 2vuce a day-one which starts at 5am…a 5 year old who is going trough a monster will eat me stage and wakes at night and a 4 month old who hates sleep and sees me as a milk bar. I would love a chance to have a one night of decent sleep and a day just chatting and enjoying the experience with my hubby…..I really need to recharge so I can be the best mum I can be😊

  43. A cry-out… too a good nights rest would be the best! We have one daughter 8, still creeps in our bed… what more is to be said? We are new to UAE so this would do us wonders as all we need is one good sleep and no more counting the sheep!

  44. Rodalyn Acedillo Gonzales says:

    I believe all parents deserve a break but since thia is a competition i will share our crazy beautiful story. I am a first time mom, my son turned 1 last dec 8. I am a working mom and exusively breastfeeding. When i joined work i was pumping for some brwaks inorder to give my son his milk. After a long tiring day when i go home he missed me so he will latch on me unlimited. I got used sleeping on one side. He is clingy even hoing to the washroom is hard without him crying or trying to come with me. While my husband is working at a mall so his timing is a bit trying. He wakes us at 6:30 he will work at 8:30 to 5 then have a break for 5-9 then 9-12 he will work again and reach home at 1 am. He has no off even sundays he is working. I am blessed as my grandma is there to take care of my baby if we are Working. Parenting is fun but is also hard because one tiny human being’s life is in your hands. Salute to all parents. @TheMothershipDxb @PremierInnGulf #givemeabreak #wakeupwonderful


    Honestly? Relaxing is not on my vocabulary! I will never be tired or complain doing everything for my family. This is how i enjoy my daily routine for my 2 kids and my husband. Waking up 4:30 early in the morning, preparing their foods and taking them bath for school, going to the office for work @7:15 am .Fetching the kids at 3:00pm. Deadly tired waiting for the school bus to come, i will used my spare time to go to the supermarket buying for my menu for the day.Cooking,cleaning the house, teaching the 2 kids on their assignments. Making their reviewer for exams. Ironing the clothes.feeding them up. Giving them night bath.Preparing the things that they need to bring (scheduled notebooks and books)for the nxt school day.@ 12pm its the end of my day!i dont have a house maid or having somebody to help me. This is an enjoyable work for me. And if u will ask me? I need a break. I would loved too! But i wanted my family to be with me always. Where ever i got and what ever i do. They are my life!!!iloveu Daddy & TimCai😘love mommy ces

  46. Helena says:

    Me please,my 1 year old have nit had a full night sleep since he was born and my 2.5 year old Wales at least once every night and have night scares screaming his head of really scared. And after that I need to go up 6 am to drive my 8 year old to school as my husband worked away for most of the time. So tiered!!!!

  47. Fiorella Cuesta says:

    Defintely something myself and husband needs! The strain of having a toddler who’s almost 2, and both of us working really does take its toll to our bodies. This will be a perfect getaway and not being too far away to do so. It will be a chance for us not only to chill, relax and rejuvinate, but also to bond and reconnect. Busy working parents must take care of themselves to be able to give the best of themselves to the little ones. Thank you in advance. We would love this short break!

  48. Linlei Pariolo says:

    This is my match awaited experience that i was looking dor.. a good night sleep without interuption for straight 8hours. Im a working mom of 2 kids.. my 9 year old daughter is currently studying and my youngest son is 3months old. When my daughter started to go to school when she was 4years old, im waking up every day at 4:30 am to prepare her food to school.. that is my daily routine until now that shes 9 already. Then I got prenant and my son is 3month old now. From the time i reach 6monyh pegnant, I experience difficulty to sleep coz of my tummy is getting bigger and bigger until I delIver and now my son is 3month old, he wakes up every 2 or 3hours the whole 3months. So I need to wake up evrytime his awake because Im nursing him. im happy and blessed to have a happy family and were all together in this country.

  49. Tasneem Kaid says:

    Feels like its been ages since we had a good sleep and woke up fresh in the morning…. My one and a half year old toddler is a noisy and naughtiest one, always sleeping at late nights and making us exhausted by the end of the day and My elder one is very hyperactive, he plays and demands such things, that makes us crazy……. Me and my husband would truly be blessed to have this lovely break and wake up wonderful in the morning…… Please #givemeabreak so that we can #wakeupwonderful @TheMothershipDXB and @PremierInnGulf

  50. Parul Ghalout says:

    I love to win a night stay because i never get proper rest that’s why i feel back pain n body pain when every i go to bed after done my all house work..I have twins baby n one daughter..they all are naughty make my work more difficult..wish to win at least one night without any work. #wakeupwonderful #givemeabreak @TheMothershipDXB and @PremierInnGulf

  51. Donna Van Vuuren says:

    What a great prize and so many deserving moms and dads needing a break. We would love a break. We have two extremely busy boys. One 9 year old with Autism and ADHD and a tornado of a toddler at 2 years old. The last time my husband and I spend a night away was on our honeymoon almost 11 years ago this December . This would be a great 11th wedding anniversary present. Really hope to win 😁

  52. Claire White says:

    Two boys under 3 with a 15 month old who feels like he’s been teething for ever. Working full time and studying full time for the PGCE has resulted in a series sleep deprived Mummy in desperate need of a good nights sleep and lie in. Help!

  53. Eman Tariq says:

    I need a break.. Being a working mom, Just foscuing on work and then home is not so easy. But yes I take a time for my family, for my kids studies. So wish to win so I can have some relaxing time with my hubby and enjoy this moment. So wish to win and love to have a plesant stay

  54. Tyeba says:

    I’m Tyeba Mufaddal. Working as a risk analyst at KPMG. Mother to 1, soon to become 2 this March!
    It’s challenging but my husband (Muffi) & I keep up with a routine that starts at 5 am and rests at 10pm.
    More than for myself, I would want to win it for Muffi – my super hero.
    His day starts with dropping the little one to school, then myself at work & then juggling the balls between managing his own work & ensuring to be time efficient and do the pick up duty as well. May I mention that he just started his own business, which means meeting client requirements and playing an all rounder i.e. CEO,delievery boy,sales man,accountant etc.
    Make me win 😀 – @TheMothershipDXB and @PremierInnGulf,

  55. Katherine Abdeen says:

    I can hear that bed calling my name… Uploaded my sleep deprived entry to Instagram! x

  56. Shiren janus says:

    I can aptly describe myself as ‘working new mother of a two year old’. I say this only because every time I try ‘parenting’, I feel like a newbie. With a work schedule driving us up the wall, our relationship as husband and wife, has taken a bruising.

    Need a break. This would help.

  57. Rafia says:

    I am expecting my first baby in January I would love to win this for relaxation.

  58. Cynthia says:

    “So I’m gonna do one cry in the middle of the night and go back to sleep, just to wake you up. Then do it again an hour or so later, just to keep you on the toes. ” That prettty much sums it up.. multiplied by 2!

  59. Hi there! I believe my husband and I deserve a Day off. We are new parents and we love what we are doing. As a stay home mom, I may say it’s very tiring. especially I don’t have a day off, 24/7 on duty just to be sure our son is healthy , happy and safe. January 7 is my 28th birthday and i wish to have this overnight celebration with my two lovely boys. 🤗😘 Thank you! more powers!

  60. Kunti says:

    I and my husband really need this because we have a very adorable but very playful 4 year old. My husband works 6 days a week and after he comes from work we hardly get time together as our son always wants our attention. He doesnt like to sleep. All he wants to do is play play and play. We love him to the core but i think 4 years is too much for a couple to go without having sufficient time with each other. Also we dont remember when was the last time we woke later than 7 in morning on fridays!! We really need quality time as couple and yes gooood sleep and relaxation!!

  61. Prima Castelino says:

    I believe my husband deserves a good night sleep away from the family! He is hardworking at work and them comes home and is non stop with our daughter! She is quite a handful little road runner; you can imagine that she needa to be entertained every second of the day! And her daddy does exactly that! He is a trooper and doesn’t even complain about the work! If my daughter could speak full sentences, she would agree with me that her daddy needs the break!

  62. Nidhi malhotra vohra says:

    People look forward for dream vacation , my hubby and me look forwards for dream sleep with open eyes.thanks to this contest atleast giving me opportunity to win something we badly need.

    We became parents for the first time on 8 nov 2011 and I can only remember that, the last time I slept was on 6th Nov 2011. After that I have said “Rest In Peace” to my beloved sleep. On top of that I wish had known that I will end up having C section as I would have slept for one more day but I was in labour for 20 hrs and than ended up with C section.

    With my second peanut coming in my life , my elder one was only 2 and I had a real tough time managing everything alone with my hubby .

    Pregnancy was fraught with complications , where we had to travel up and down to India. We finally decided to have the baby in Dubai . Shanaya my second was turned out tobe an IUGR baby and we had to get her out before full term.

    Dec 2014 , Shanaya was here .

    However I ensured I enjoyed my time with my elder one Saanj ( as motherhood is always a blessing) despite all of this .Kids have only one childhood and least we can do for them is create memories. I have walked up n down to the nursery every day during and immediately post pregnancy to ensure the elder one is able to welcome and handle the new addition in the family .

    Its 2017 now , my elder one who has turned 5 recently in Nov goes to Choueifat at 6 :50 am and with her my daily routine starts at 4:45 am in the morning . We struggle to wake her up from 6am onwards EVERYDAY but on the weekend we wait desperately to sleep both my gals will be up at 6am and dragging us to take them to the park.

    My hubby and me work as a team whole day. From morning till night. With no help and with no family around. Both my toddler and infant( who turned two just 3 days back)… make sure to keep mommy and daddy on toes. As much we are tired and exhausted we enjoy it as well J

    The other day I was chatting with my sis in law based in USA . Mostly she calls us on skype around 9 pm dubai timing and she was like I will start calling you in day time now onwards as whenever I call you both look like zombies…my husband replied” oh , never call in day time as our blood is being sucked by both our gals in the day time” and she burst out laughing.

    Some where I read that if you yawn in front of others than who ever is next to you will feel asleep too…. I tried doing with my lil one and everytime I yawned she giggled.

    I keep telling my friends that gone are the days I used to say I had a good sleep as I dont sleep anymore I simply pass out.

    But I will still say in the end that parenthood is a blessing and the life is a beautiful life. Thank you lord for these lovely angels in our lives.

    Its 7 :20 am here and my lil one is up now. My elder one has left for school. Thank god she gave me enough time to wirte and try to compete for this dream sleep for one day.

    All parents deserve this equally but may the lucky one win😊

  63. Samia Chaudhury says:

    I believe I deserve this prize! I have a 6 year, 4 year and 9 month old and the odds are at least one of them will have some issue or the other through the night and also having 2 school going kids and a baby means that even when the baby is finally sleeping in the early morning I have to be up at 6 to make it to school! So since 2010 I’m surviving on roughly 5 hours of sleep! Look forward to a nice lie in!!

  64. Sonali surgeon says:

    Hey, I’ve been in Dubai for over 10 years and have never won anything! I recently lost my job and have two kids 3 and under. My husband and I are in desperate need of a break, we’ve had a rollercoaster of a year and would love some R&R! The place sounds absolutely divine, we love you Mothershipdxb! Make it happen please! Xxx

  65. Sahar says:

    I don’t know if I am considered as every body else in such a drow, but I certainly feel like sharing my story here. I am a 34 years old mom of two fragile x kids Mohamed 11, Omer 9 and Zain the neurotypical 20 month old baby. I have studied medicine and if in a typical situation I was supposed to be a spicialist by now as the rest of my colleagues. But I had to let go of that to be around my kids when ever they needed me. The sleepless nights started back home when my eldest was mistakenly diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a life threatening carcinoma of the eye. Those were voluntary ones, as I kept looking at him while sleeping and couldn’t help but to think that those upcoming few days might be my last with him, yes I slept but as if I’ve fainted out of exhaustion. We took off to U.K. To confirm the diagnosis, there the doctor said he had one good news and the other is not. I remember him asking me which one I’d like to hear first. And of course after so many hours of dreadful anxiety and stress I wanted to hear the good one. He said it’s not retinoblastoma but he won’t be able to see with that eye any more. For me all I heared was good news. After all I get to keep my son 😭. I cared less about the one eye blindness issue. We came to learn on that journey about his fragile condition ” the only known cause of autism and mental retardation”. Still, I cared less as I get to keep my son!
    But really, little I knew then dispite of my medical back ground. As this particular diagnosis turned our entire life upside down. I had to quit my job and move to Dubai for better schooling options. And as the time passed I came to know that my 2nd child is affected too.
    Having a good night sleep is something I gave up from very long time ago. I spend my night waking up twice to take the kids to toilet and if I missed then I have to give them mid name gut showers with them screaming and crying, change the bedding and put them back to bed, a task that is no longer easy as my older now is almost as big as I am.
    A lot of nights we wake up horrified by one of them screaming as if they’ve seen a ghost and we keep going back and forth between the rooms as if one wakes up the other starts shouting out of anexity.
    And after all that they wake up 5 am wanting to eat, go bathroom and someone to entertain😰
    And things got harder with the baby now as he keeps waking up several times during the night looking for comfort or breast feeding😔
    I wake up every day wondering how on earth am still a live. And all I think of is when to get kids off to their schools and go back to bed. But then I have to entertain baby. Go get grocery, Attend school and IEP meetings. Prepare meals and entertain my Family guests who are on vacation or business trips.
    I know that life isn’t easy for any one. I just wish if every mom could take a break every once and awhile.

  66. Ayesha says:

    I could kill for this one (even though I have never killed even a cockroach) in my life. The last few nights have been like why did I become a mother when I love to sleep. With winters, the cough keeps me awake the entire night. It seems like my children are taking turns coughing the entire night. If it isn’t the toddler, it is the baby. And in the morning, I am left cursing inanimate objects for making my life so much more difficult – the spoon for tripping out of the bowl, the milk for not aiming for the glass etc etc. A day off could be a life saver here.

  67. Nicola alassaad says:

    Hi my day starts at 6am and finishes at 10.30pm have been married for over 20years with 5 kids and besides never having a wedding or a honeymoon I have never had a romantic weekend away with my husband. Even though my husband and my kids are my best friends I would love a day of not hearing mum, mum and even when I am at work it what’s app mum, mum. I I have never been to a spa as I have never had time but by God if I won this I would find time. My 5 kids are and between 8 and 24 best things in my life but a break would be nice xxx

  68. Sarah says:

    I have 4 year old, a 1 year old and a constantly travelling husband. My 1 year old wakes up an hour after I put him down and will only go back to sleep if I’m next to him. Naturally I end up falling asleep on the floor with him next to me…except I don’t sleep because my daughter needs the bathroom or has a nightmare or gets jealous why I’m sleeping with her brother and why she’s alone. Finally when the night ends and day starts at 5.45 am. I get her ready for school which is 30 mins away. I rush back to give my boy breakfast and put him down for a nap. I rush to cook lunch (yes at 9.40am because I have no other Window open) he then wakes up and plays/nursery for an hr. I rush home to give him lunch and put him down for another nap so I can drive the 30 min 1 way drive to pick up my daughter. I’m home by 3 and she wants to play.. then it’s dinner time at 5 and play outside till 6 30. They sleep at 7.30 which by then I’m too scared to fall asleep because it’ll all start all over again in 12 hours. ….

  69. Olivia says:

    It might be too late to enter. I’ve was going to enter earlier but read the comments from people with more kids and was thinking okay we are okay but actually no. My 10 month old doesn’t sleep at night or day. 20 min naps at most!!!! At night she wakes up multiply times and want to feed. I woke up this morning crying because I’m exhausted. But then it’s all fine and you somehow survive☺️ She loves to be carried(did I spoil her???) so my body is in bits AND I’m a Pilates instructor!!??? My hubby and I hadn’t had a lovy dovy time in months and it’s very last priority when we both tired. Thank you for this wonderful competition! Olivia

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