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Dos and don’ts for car seat safety (and where to buy one for AED118)

October 26, 2017


Due to the recent law change, UAE drivers must now ensure that all passengers wear seat belts, and children are in appropriate car seats. Failure to do so, will result in AED400 fines, and black points on your license.

This means buckling up in the back for all journeys, no matter how short, or how much your child objects. It’s for their safety, and I’m so pleased it’s now illegal not to do so.

However, many UAE residents have expressed concerns about the affordability of car seats, with some citing it as a reason they don’t use them for their children.

Thankfully, Babyshop not only has a wide range of brands in stores, but car seats to suit all needs and budgets, with an in-store Personal Shopping Advisor to guide you, as well as demonstrate how to install and adjust the various seats.

So where should you start?


Here are my dos and don’ts for car seat safety:

DON’T use an old or second-hand car seat. When buying a used car seat you have no way of knowing if it has been in an accident, while older products can be dangerous, as plastic becomes more brittle as it ages, meaning it isn’t as strong as the manufactured intended. Research from the U.S. suggest not using a seat more than five years old unless specifically manufactured for long years, to make sure it’s in line with the latest safety guidelines.

DO keep your child in a rear-facing seat for as long as possible. When in a head-on collision, a child’s head can suddenly jerk forward and, as a result of their weaker necks, and spinal injuries can occur. It is recommended that they remain rear-facing until the age of two.

DO install your seat properly. It is estimated at 75% of infant car seats are incorrectly installed, so make sure you get assistance the first time, and follow manufacturers’ instructions. Check that the seat doesn’t move from side to side more than an inch, or tip forward or backwards, and that you’ve fastened it tight enough.

DO buckle your child in properly. The straps should be snug enough to hold your child firmly in place. Check for any twisted straps.

DO NOT hold your child on your lap. Never let your child travel in a car without being strapped into a car seat that is suitable for their age and weight, that has been correctly installed. Even if you’re wearing a seatbelt, and holding them tightly, the force of an accident could rip them from your arms. A car seat is the safest place for your child.

So which one is for you?


car seat safety baby shop mothership

Juniors Anne Car Seat

AED 118 (reduced from AED 169)


Suitable from birth, this car seat has a three-point safety harness, and padded shoulder straps and buckle cover. The cover is removable, and can be washed.



Juniors Royal Baby Classic Car Seat

AED 315 (reduced from AED 450)

Ideal for when your child is ready for the next stage of car seat, this model can accommodate weights up to 25kg and features side impact protection.



Juniors Car Seat

AED 178 (reduced from AED 255)

Recommended from 12 months to 36 months, this seat can be used for both rear and forward facing.



Joie Car Seat

AED 699 (reduced from AED 999)


With five positions, this car seat offers optimum comfort for children from two years old. It can be installed to be rear or forward facing, and has a five-point safety harness.



Joie Baby Car Seat

AED 559 (reduced from AED 799)


This seat can be used rear facing from birth, then simply remove the inserts when your little one grows. It’s suitable up to 36kg, meaning you may never need another car seat.


Joie 360 Degree Spin Car Seat

AED 924 (reduced from AED 1,320)


The key feature on this Joie model is its ability to rotate, so it can face the door as you buckle the child in, then spin to face the rear or front. Suitable from birth to four years or 18kg, it also offers side impact protection.


To see the complete range of car seats, please visit your nearest Babyshop store or shop from the comfort of your home at www.babyshopstores.com.


For more information, visit a Babyshop store or call to schedule an appointment with your Personal Shopping Advisor and let them give you comprehensive guidance of what you and your child need. A full list of locations can be found here.


[All prices correct at time of publication and applicable to change]

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