Five reasons why you should watch Dr Foster

October 1, 2015


Image courtesy of BBC.

As autumn approaches, the TV offerings from the UK get better and better (well, they need to keep the public happy as days get shorter, wetter and colder, right?). While the majority is family-friendly enjoyable fluff – or sequins, if Strictly is your cup of tea – sometimes you need a deliciously dark drama to get you through the nights. 

Say hello to Dr Foster.

Starring Suranne Jones as a British GP whose husband has a dark secret, this five-part drama series has me gripped. And instead of squealing excitedly to friends, I thought it best to rationally explain why you need to get onto BBC iPlayer now. Immediately. As soon as you stop reading this.

1.        There are only five episodes.

This means that you don’t need to worry about how on earth you’ll fit it into your life. Forget about those 10-season sagas everyone raves about, only for its biggest fan to tell you that ‘the story really gets going in season four’. Most people are too damn busy to get that far.

2.        It feels so real.

We know couples like this. The house is normal. The town feels familiar. Which all adds to the chilling feeling that this could happen to you… What would you do?

3.        Dr Foster is so likeable.

Sure, her life is unravelling, but she’s still smart, funny, and the kind of woman I’d want to be friends with, moaning about the world while drinking wine in the kitchen. I also like the fact she’s a bit drinky.

4.        It’s a bit sexy.

She has good sex with her husband. Good marital sex. This is pretty much NEVER portrayed in film or TV – it’s usually ‘not now darling, I have a headache’ then steamy affair sex.

5.        Her clothes.

And jewellery. And haircut. And makeup. I’m planning to chop my hair off, try my luck with liquid eyeliner, lose a ton of weight and start shopping at Cos.

Ok, I’m off to watch episode four. No spoilers please. 

2 responses to “Five reasons why you should watch Dr Foster”

  1. Charlotte says:

    ive been watching it too… Find it kinda creepy how "normal" everything is, like you,say, it could be anyone. Intreiged to see where it goes!

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