Giving away my secrets (part one)

August 12, 2015

Until recently I was in a permanent state of disgust over a) the price of greetings cards here and b) the quality of greetings cards here. It’s pretty tiring being in a permanent state of disgust.

Then Typo opened at BOXPARK. This Aussie stationery/gift/homewares shop didn’t open with much fanfare but hardcore lovers of all things cutesy and well-priced soon found it. Then kept it quiet. Sorry.

You’ll find notebooks, phone cases, pens, decorations and cushions galore, but the highlight is the card wall, where three cards – that don’t make you sick in your mouth – cost a mere Dhs29. Some of them EVEN are a bit sweary. Shhh…

Just don’t buy them all please.

Find Typo about halfway down BOXPARK, close to the valet parking. And here is a map to BOXPARK:

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