• the last time I'll breastfeed

The last time I’ll ever breastfeed

July 15, 2017

the last time I'll breastfeed


So I had this lovely idea of documenting the last time I breastfed Tabitha. Not for sharing, just to have. We’d be gazing at each other and it would be beautiful. I realised yesterday that she hadn’t had the boob in a week, so checked I still had a little milk left when I woke up and popped her on. Was it magical and a fitting farewell to this chapter in our lives? Well… She woke up grumpy and wouldn’t latch, a bare-bottomed Phoebe is in the background, and you can see me taking the photo in a mirror. But it’s actually the perfect end to our breastfeeding days – it has been chaotic and challenging, and if I didn’t laugh I would have cried (I actually did cry a lot out of both frustration and pain). And now I can finally get rid of that breast pump. I’m keeping the unspeakably comfortable maternity bras though – I’m not ready for that!

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