A mama-to-be must-have

September 29, 2016



Did you know that from 18 weeks, an unborn baby can hear sounds? Incredible. Not only is their mother’s voice a source of comfort, but other noises such as music can provide reassurance, which is why Ilado’s maternity jewellery is so special.

As you move throughout the day the charm necklaces chime softly, and the adjustable height means it can sit perfectly at bump level (then shortened once your little one arrives, should you wish).



Even after birth, your newborn baby will be reminded of the safety of your womb when they hear the chimes, as you soothe them to sleep and wear it close to your heart.


I’m now 18 weeks pregnant and delight in the fact that I can hear the same sound as my baby; it’s a lovely way to bond, as well as introduce music. The Uh necklace that I’ve been wearing takes inspiration from the word Uh, meaning ‘moon’ in Mayan and I love that it’s a symbol for motherhood.


Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 14.49.29


The inspirations comes from Mayan culture, where mothers would wear chime necklaces called ‘Angel Callers’ to protect them and their unborn child. Today the necklaces are designed in Paris and handcrafted in Mexico before being finished with white, yellow and rose gold, and they’re available on chains, or silk cords in six colours. Not only are they meaningful, but are a wonderful – and stylish – gift for any mamas-to-be, and a thoughtful souvenir of pregnancy that can be worn forever.


Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 14.51.52

Personally, I’m really enjoying bonding with the baby before it’s even born, and will always treasure this stunning memento.


Ilado necklaces can be found in Dubai at Saucette Concept Store and Level Kids, and online at Blush & Bloom.


To see the full range, visit the Ilado Paris website here.

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