FOUND: A mattress for you – and your bump!

January 15, 2018



Aside from the nausea, breakouts and bloating, the biggest complaint I hear from pregnant women is the sleeplessness. Surely this should kick in AFTER the baby is born?! But no, for many of us – myself included – uncomfortable nights become one of the most upsetting parts of pregnancy. After a long day of growing a baby, all we want is a solid night of zzzs, but our bumps and backs have a different idea.


A body pillow helped alleviate the pressure, at first, but by four months I had full blown fantasies about sleeping on my stomach without worrying or pain. How I had taken it for granted before…


And I was hurting, having regular appointments with my physiotherapist to undo the work of my cheap mattress.


But halfway through my pregnancy I was asked to try out a new product…


I didn’t want to write a review of the Bedding Bliss mattress at the time because I was a) delirious with happiness that a mattress existed for pregnant women SO WE COULD SAFELY SLEEP ON THEIR FRONT and b) I wanted to give it time, to see if it held up over a year or more. And it has.


So how does it work? Our bed is now effectively now two singles mattresses, with mine called the Sleeping Hollow Mommy Mattress (AED6,300). It has – as the name suggests – a hollowed out area halfway down, where your bump can comfortably nestle, allowing you to sleep on your side or stomach without cause for concern.


bedding bliss maternity mattress dubai


The whole mattress is spring-free, and firm, allowing for great spine support, with core wrapped in three different densities of Viscose Elastic, and each layer a specific composition to give a comfortable and luxurious feel, no matter which way you lie on it. It also relieves pressure on veins and your uterus, and promotes circulation.


Both mattresses (the Sleeping Hollow and the classic Inspiration model) support the upper and lower back, helping to prevent pain and sciatica, as well as assisting body temperature control – crucial when your body can’t decide what’s going on, and you have those weird hot flashes in the first few weeks after giving birth.


Bedding Bliss was developed by Patricia McGettigan, a mother of SEVEN, who suffered through endless nights of pain and discomfort during her pregnancies, and was determined to find a solution for other women.


Over 16 years, she researched maternity mattress technology and devised the Sleeping Hollow to offer mamas-to-be the support they needed, regardless of the sleeping position.


It is also endorsed by Dr Roberta Cirillo, a doctor in Physical Education, who recommends it to her patients (both pregnant and otherwise), and the staff at The National Maternity Hospital in Dublin, which is Europe’s largest maternity hospital.


After pregnancy you just pop in the removable insert to convert it to the Inspiration mattress, which my husband has.


bedding bliss maternity mattress dubai


In short – and I don’t mean to be over-dramatic here – it was an absolute game-changer during my pregnancy, and I went from sleepless nights to being well-rested literally overnight.


It might be more expensive than our old mattress, but it’s absolutely brilliant, and while it can’t stop the sleepless nights that are inevitable once the baby arrives, at least you’ll be able to get a good rest when you are in bed.


We’ve had it for over a year now – long enough to give it a fair review and two thumbs up! It’s like sleeping in a hotel bed, which is basically my dream, and highest praise.


As the saying goes, if you’re not in your shoes, you’re in your bed, and I personally can’t wait to crawl into mine every night.



The Sleeping Hollow Mommy Mattress (with insert): AED6,300, 

The Inspiration Mattress: AED6,300

The base alone: AED1,840


The Hybrid

Both the Inspiration Mattress, the Sleeping Hollow Mommy Mattress (with insert) and both bases: AED12,600


Free delivery in Dubai.


Available exclusively in Dubai from JustKidding.  


Thank you to Bedding Bliss for the mattress for review purposes.

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    Hi, can I get the correct link to the bed? The link seems to be wrong

  2. Cady says:

    Hi can I please get the correct link to the bed? The link seems to be wrong, thank you!

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