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8 ways to organise kids’ rooms – fast!

November 10, 2016


What is it about kids’ stuff? I swear, when night falls, the plastic toys multiply, the drawers overflow, the shoes double in quantity and my previous efforts of organisation are in vain.


With another baby on the way I’ve started the nesting early, sorting out the teeny-tiny newborn clothes into piles, buying hangers, and putting away toys that haven’t been a hit with our toddler.


Whether you’re looking to have a big clear-out and declutter, or just want to stay on top of everything on a daily basis, here are some storage and display solutions, from unexpected uses for bargain purchases, to cleverly designed products.


ikea hack spice rack kids nursery


  1. The Dhs9 spice rack


You’ll have Dhs1 change for an IKEA ice-cream when you buy the BEKVÄM spice rack with a Dhs10 note. Result. It’s not just for the kitchen, though, as it makes a great little shelf, or turn it upside down for hanging clothes. It comes in birch, but can be easily painted.


ikea storage kids dubai


  1. A multi-purpose (massive) bag


Many hands make light work – even if those hands are tiny and grubby – so getting the children involved in a regular tidy up makes a big difference. The SLAKTING bag (Dhs35) is easy to move around, and is super-versatile, so you can use it for toys, bedding, laundry and more. It comes in two colours, and I’d recommend designating one per child so they have their own. There are also matching boxes, which we use for organising drawers.


ikea storage


  1. Velcro boxes for kid’s clothes


One lesson I learnt with my first baby is that if you’re not organised with their clothes then one day you’ll be looking for something and stumble across a drawer of unworn outfits, brand new, and now too small. It’s infuriating. This time I’m getting smart. Last week we spent a few hours sorting vests and sleepsuits into sizes, from newborn to 18-months, and rolling them up into labelled SKUBB boxes (the shoe boxes with a mesh front so I can see what’s inside). These boxes come in all sorts of sizes, and there’s even a jumbo option (Dhs29) to store them in that fits under the bed.


ikea storage kids dubai


  1. Flexible storage units


Your little ones won’t be little forever, so it’s worthwhile buying pieces that can grow with them and (even better) be repurposed later on. The ELVARLI series comes in various sections, and this open unit would double up as a changing table – all the gear can be easily stored in boxes underneath, and there’s drawers for hiding the not so pretty stuff.


ikea storage kids dubai


  1. The multi-use trolley


The sturdy Raskog caddy is the parents’ friend; use it next to the changing table, store bath toys, plan outfits and use for transporting arts and crafts materials from room to room. It comes in cream, but can be easily spray-painted to match your décor.



ikea hack storage kids dubai


  1. Hang it up


Don’t waste an inch by hanging everything from headphones to hats on a wall covered in colourful LOSJÖN knobs (Dhs19 for five), which can be stuck or screwed into the wall. Great for the bathroom too, they can be used for towels and toys.


ikea hack storage kids dubai



  1. A double duty doll’s house


I love everything in the FLISAT range, but this fab little doll’s house is especially useful, doubling up as a toy and display shelf. Little ones will love showing off their favourite pieces, and they can even get creative with paint and wallpaper to make it their very own.



ikea hack storage kids dubai


  1. Practical picture ledges


The MOSSLANDA picture ledges are awesome in kids’ rooms! Display art on the walls or mount at a lower height so children can access their books, you can even use them as a wardrobe for little shoes.



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5 responses to “8 ways to organise kids’ rooms – fast!”

  1. Paula says:

    Love the SKUBB box idea!

  2. […] On the practical front we’re in organisation mode, and starting to dig out Phoebe’s baby clothes. This poor child is going to be The Hand-me-down Kid. I don’t really need to buy much this time around, thank goodness. But I suspect that won’t stop me. Check out my post on storage for children’s rooms for some ideas on clearing the clutter here. […]

  3. We got ourselves a chic looking Ikea metal bin the same size as my toddler and turned it into a Toy Bin so he could chuck his toy cars in! Great Ideas, and I think Ikea is the best place for them!

  4. Shea says:

    Love those picture ledges, keep meaning to grab some. Thanks for the prompt!

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