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A photoshoot with a real difference

June 2, 2016

About a month ago Jen from Pynkbyrd got in touch with me, asking if she could ‘tell the story’ of my family in ‘everyday moments’. No lighting, no styling, no posing – just honest imagery. A photoshoot with a photojournalist.

After looking at her portfolio I leapt at the chance. Jen’s photos are heartbreakingly real, capturing those small moments that might seem like the meaningless minutiae of day to day life, and perhaps not worthy of photography, but when looking back it’s those moments that make up our lives. Getting your child dressed, a dog walk, playing in the park, your toddler eating raisins on the kitchen floor (just us?).

She spends around three hours with a family, usually early morning or evening, and is completely neutral – she won’t tell you what to wear, how to look, rearrange your furniture or get you to repeat an action if she misses it. It’s your life through her lens.

Jen arrived at 6.30am on a Friday morning. Phoebe had just woken up. I’m shattered. The dogs were hyper. We had breakfast and walked to the beach, then had a quick play in the park before it got too hot, and Phoebe fell asleep on the way home. This is a pretty unremarkable weekend morning for us, but looking at the photos she took I’ve realised that it’s the seemingly ‘ordinary’ that is truly special. Have a look at our family gallery (above) for evidence.

She doesn’t photoshop images (as you can see by my eye-bags), so if you’re looking for shiny, posed pics, there are plenty of other photographers who can help, but for a beautiful collection of pictures that are just… you, then Jen is your woman.

You can contact Jen about family photography here.

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