Exciting news! I’m pregnant! And a bit scared…

August 28, 2016



Exciting, scary times ahead – I’m 14 weeks pregnant!


Good grief, I’m so relieved that I can finally tell people – though if you’ve seen me recently, you might have guessed, because there is already quite the bump…. Or maybe you just thought that I over-indulged over the summer. Basically, if you were playing the ‘Pregnant or Just Fat?’ game, I’d be a head-scratcher.


Needless to say, we’re absolutely over the moon. Truthfully, it hasn’t been the easiest of starts, with six weeks of travelling when I was feeling at my worst, and the uncertainty of not seeing my doctor until I was back in Dubai, and at 10 weeks. It’s been tough, I’ve been tearful, convinced something will go wrong, and we’ve had a few setbacks that I’ll tell you about later.


This time, the second time, has been different for so many reasons, from the physical (I’m bloody MASSIVE already, and have already dabbled in maternity jeans) to the emotional (my hormones are making me, at times, foul). But some things are the same; craving frozen yogurt and lemon sorbet, a weird desire to listen to Taylor Swift, the tiredness. Oh, the tiredness…


And I’m scared, to be honest. About how we’ll cope with two children, about a tiny baby and sleepless nights. About going back to the beginning. If I can love another child as much as I love Phoebe. About finances. And how we (kind of) have this kid stuff under control, and that we’re going to upset the balance.


But I’m so excited too. That Phoebe will be a wonderful big sister. To add to our little family. And I’m so, so grateful. Unspeakably so.


Since having our daughter I’ve been more tuned into conception, pregnancy and birth stories – the good and bad – and it’s made me realise that it really is a miracle to get pregnant, stay pregnant and have a healthy baby. We really are blessed.


And I can’t wait to meet him or her in February!

4 responses to “Exciting news! I’m pregnant! And a bit scared…”

  1. Jenise says:

    Hey 🙂 Congratulations!!!! reading your post took me back 8 months….Same excitement, confusion, happiness, anger…..and then…you just keep praying and suddenly it all seems ok. When I looked at my older daughter and realised how over the moon “she” is…I realised how grateful Iam that I have a sibling. That I have a friend forever and that Eva should have one too 🙂 our little one arrives in October….now its only full steam ahead.

  2. Shea says:

    That is such brilliant news – hugest C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!
    I remember all to well having all those anxieties, then, before you know it, your little bundle arrives and just like that, you can’t imagine your family without them. X

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