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Sleep advice for mums of newborns (yeah, right)

May 29, 2017
I get asked a lot about sleeping tips. Here’s my advice: you are pretty much powerless when it comes to the whim of a newborn.
I had a strict bedtime routine with my first daughter (bath, massage, story, milk, leave the room while still awake) and it worked for us, but this little peach is having to slot in around the madness – I’m sure she hasn’t had a bath for three days, now I think about it – and she’s probably a better sleeper than her sister.
But they like to keep you on your toes. To mix it up. To lull you into smugness with three good nights in a row, then go mental on the fourth. So the next night you try to remember what worked. The exact amount of milk at 6.47pm. The same sleepsuit. Whatever it bloody takes.
Like us, some nights babies sleep well, and sometimes they don’t. Some babies are good sleepers, and others aren’t. We do what we can to help them, but these tiny humans, with their leaps and regressions, will always keep us guessing. It’s lucky they’re cute…

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