The hardest morning of the week for working mums?

November 29, 2015

In the last week Phoebe has started two new things; waving, and pointing her finger. She often does them at the same time, looking like a sassy woman admonishing her wayward baby daddy on the Jerry Springer stage (“Aww hell no!”). In truth, I don’t think she really knows what waving means, and probably just likes the way it feels, and how we react when she does it.

This morning, on the first day back at work after a blissful weekend of family time, I started to leave the house. Phoebe chose this exact moment to beam at me in the doorway and wave back, seemingly knowing exactly what she was doing. I then turned my back to walk out and she started wailing. This was the first time that I think she’s really understood that I’m not going to be around for the day.

I’m under no illusions that within minutes she was on fine form, merrily playing, terrorising the dogs and having the rest of her breakfast, but the same couldn’t be said for me. Hint: tears in the car. By 9am I was okay, but definitely looked at more photos of her on my phone than usual, and missed her terribly.

Perhaps in a year or so I’ll be skipping off to my desk, grateful for a break from the demands of a toddler, but at 10 months, my little girl is all fun and chatter.

On the upside, her face when I came home was heaven. And hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

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