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April 9, 2016

From now on, every week (okay, when I remember and there’s something good to share) I’m going to be rounding up events, people, products and ideas to try. These will be totally honest – as per – and if anything has been given to me for free to review, it will clearly say. And just because something is free, it certainly doesn’t guarantee it inclusion or a positive verdict. For the first one I’m keeping it easy with bits and bobs that I’m enjoying when I get a spare sec. I’d also love to hear your suggestions.


I’m out of a reading groove, starting novels and giving up, dipping into non-fiction then returning to magazines, and falling asleep Kindle in hand, re-reading the same paragraph over and over again.

After reading a review of Ruby Wax’s book A Mindfulness Guide For the Frazzled, I thought she was speaking my language and promptly bought it. Turns out that reading the first third of it hasn’t brought me calm and focus, and I actually have to do the mindfulness exercises, and practice them. Gutted. On the plus side, she talks very honestly about her depression, which hit while writing the book, and explains it in a beautiful way. In honesty, I don’t think I’m going to finish it, so if you have any book recommendations please send them my way…

Listening to…

After experiencing disappointment on a staggering scale thanks to the second season of Serial (the first one was SO GOOD – what happened?! Why would Sarah Koenig let me down like this?) I have returned to my beloved Woman’s Hour for my podcast fix, digging out some missed episodes from the archives to keep me company in the car.

In one (I urge you to listen to it here), The Wainwright Sisters played a track from their album Songs In The Dark, that was so beautiful that I nearly pulled over so I could enjoy without the clown in the Lexus in front of me ruining it. I’m a huge fan of Rufus and Martha Wainwright, so it’s no surprise that Martha’s collaboration with her half-sister Lucy Wainwright Roche has stolen my heart, with a collection of lullabies sung to stunning, haunting effect.

I know an album of lullabies sounds pretty dire, but they chose songs (some covers, some original) based on their childlike qualities, often with a dark story to reflect the gothic tradition of these songs. Check out their version of Simon & Garfunkel’s El Condor Pasa here.


I embarked upon freelance life last month, and it’s going really well, apart from the fact I keep saying yes to things even though I’m stupidly busy because, as every freelancer knows, there’s no guarantee when the next commission is coming in.

To help me cope – apart from Hendricks – I’m trying to work in bursts, then take a break, and in these breaks I’m staying away from the Daily Mail (I’m so proud I could cry) and doing/watching/reading something inspiring or useful. I’m also grazing in the fridge far more than I should. Appropriately one video I really enjoyed this week was on procrastination. Ha. The irony.

In this Ted Talk, Tim Urban explains the characters that lead you down the rabbit’s warren of Wiki, YouTube, FriendsReunited and wherever your monkey mind takes you eg away from that to-do and Word document. It’s really worth a watch, and there’s an important message. Check it out here.

Also, on the subject of watching, if you haven’t seen The Night Manager yet then you’re in for a treat and I’m actually jealous of the fact you haven’t witnessed its fitness yet. In the first episode I smugly said to my husband “I really don’t see the appeal of Tom Hiddleston. I don’t get it at all.” By episode four I was transfixed and Googling videos of him dancing. Which is also recommended viewing.


1461433099-8071-imgHi Tom. Nice pins.

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