Toddler-friendly recipes: easy baked eggs

December 18, 2016


baked eggs mothership toddler recipe


With the kids on Christmas holidays, many of us have a bit more time in the morning to enjoy a family breakfast. These baked eggs by chef (and mum of two) Lyndsay from I Eat My Peas are a brilliant breakfast dish that everyone can enjoy. My 23-month-old is a bit hit-or-miss with meat at the moment, so eggs are a good way of getting some protein into her, as well as finishing up leftovers from the fridge.


Lyndsay says, “This is such a fantastically quick and versatile recipe that can easily be multiplied up when cooking for more than one child/adult. While perfect for breakfast, they also make a wonderful tea too. If making for myself I just double/triple the quantities and add a sprinkling of salt before serving.”


1 egg per ramekin


combo 1:

10-15g ham, roughly sliced or shredded

1 cherry tomato, quartered

10g cheddar cheese, grated


combo 2:

10-15g smoked salmon

5g spinach, roughly chopped

1 tsp cream cheese or creme fraiche


Preheat the oven to its highest setting. Lightly butter the ramekin(s) and place the ham or salmon in the bottom followed by either the tomato or spinach. Crack the egg on top and add the remaining ingredient. Place in the oven for 12-15 minutes depending on how set you want your egg(s). Remove and allow to cool slightly before serving with some toast or flatbread.


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