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Tried and tested: WaterWipes

April 30, 2017


When I had Phoebe two years ago, WaterWipes were a mythical product here in the UAE; friend of friends had them brought over from the UK, a new cult classic that I’d read about online. Meanwhile, I was messing around with cooled boiled water and yards of cotton wool to wipe my baby’s bottom, which was inconvenient at home, and downright impossible when on the go.

Then they arrived in Dubai! Quickly the news spread amongst the mum community, packets were spotted at cafes and classes across the city, brandished proudly, any excuse to whip them out and flash the label.

When I had Tabitha earlier this year they were on my shopping list and in my hospital bag, and they’re a lot easier to find now, from the shelves of Spinneys to online at Mumzworld.

So what do I think of them?


The good

Famed for being super-kind to sensitive newborn skin (even from birth), WaterWipes are 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, meaning there’s no more water and cotton wool. Just safe, natural wipes that’s suitable for little ones and their more delicate derrieres.

They’re so gentle that you can use these wipes even if your baby has nappy rash. We are giving Tabitha a bath two or three times a week, and on the other days I just ‘top and tail’ her (wiping her all over, from face and neck down to between her little toes) in a warm room with a few WaterWipes before massaging in some coconut oil.

Midwife-approved and used in neo-natal units, this wonder product comes in jumbo packs and now (following customer feedback) smaller travel packs comprising of ten wipes, which is a massive help – frankly my changing bag is heavy enough! They come in a pack of 12 for AED79.

I find they last a long time, though you’re supposed to use them within a month of opening, and I love the fact there’s hardly any smell. So many baby products are loaded with chemicals and fragrances that WaterWipes feel so fresh. For me, neutral is best when it comes to newborns.

And unlike so many wipes I’ve tried, they are thick (no ripping or tearing) and soft, as well as being easy to get out of the packet – essential when there’s a nappy emergency. The quality also means that you use less at each change.


waterwipes dubai


Need to know

It’s best to store WaterWipes label-side down, and if there’s any drying, massage the pack so the water is distributed properly. Also note that they can’t be flushed down the toilet. If I could make one change it would be a plastic hinged cap as the sticky, peel-back opening can lose its stick.


My verdict

A world away from the cloying scented wipes we’re so used to, WaterWipes are fresh and safe for your baby. At AED27 per pack, they’re more expensive than some others on the market, but I can definitely justify it when I don’t need to use as many when changing a nappy, and for peace of mind that there aren’t any nasties on my baby’s skin.

I’m loving the new travel packs too, which are perfect for slipping into your nappy bag or handbag. They’re fab for a quick refresh instead of a bath (lazy mum!) and I’ve been known to remove my makeup with them too.


A must-have for your hospital bag, nappy bag and changing table. Your little one will thank you for it.


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