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WIN! 20 party bags from Party Camel

May 15, 2016

To celebrate the new look for The Mothership I’ve teamed up with the lovely, creative folks over at Party Camel to treat you guys to a prize to make life just that little bit easier. Want to win?

Many of us mums (and dads) have to turn into Events & Entertainment Director when it comes to our child’s birthdays, organising venues, catering, activities and more – long gone are the days of the homemade butterfly cakes in a town hall! Good times, though…

Party Camel not only has a HUGE range of themed goodies, for every party imaginable (from the Gruffalo to pop art), and they now also do fantastic party bags, full of goodies.

Want to make sure all those tiny guests leave happy? And you don’t need to traipse all over the shops? I have a bumper prize of 20 pre-filled party bags to give away – all you need to do is sign up for The Mothership’s newsletter here and I’ll pick a lucky winner on June 1st, who can choose the theme they like the best.

Good luck! x

17 responses to “WIN! 20 party bags from Party Camel”

  1. Stefania Mihaela says:

    Lovely . Hope to win

  2. Rowenna Oba says:

    Done! hope to win!

  3. saru saseedharan says:

    Done! Hope to win

  4. Kate says:

    Would be great to win. Little Mr O is having his 3rd birthday party on the 3rd. They grow up so quickly **sniff sniff**

  5. Arlette says:

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  6. Cindy says:

    Wish to win for little bunchie!!

  7. Dawn Mann says:

    Would be epic!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Football themed party coming up on the 10th June….hope I win. Would love some quality party bags as opposed to the ones just filled with junk for the sake of providing a party bag!!!

  9. Sharon Ferris says:

    Maya turns 5 on June 21st and will be hosting a “yoga birthday party” at our local yoga place. The party packs would be a lovely gift for her friends to take home.

  10. Laila Zafar says:

    Adam turns one on the 16th of June. Wow, what already?
    P.S: Pick me! 😛

  11. Navita says:

    done and shared too…..m sure there are many like me…novice mums who gotta keep the peace at home too…lol….thank u so much for the thoughtful giveaway

  12. Christalynne Rodrigues says:

    Omg……this has my baby girl Shanelle Calliope written all over it….her bday falls on June 29th and we hosting a party on July 7th post Ramadan..
    ..coincidentally we have exactly 20 kids coming ..really wish to win as this is her first birthday and to be quite honestly I’m having a tough time putting stuff together….well it’s my first time as well being a mom and hosting a kiddie party…Mothership please pick me and help make this party absolutely unforgettable with great goody bags by Party Camel…..awesome giveaway and perfect timing.

  13. Seena says:

    Oooh this is perfect! My little one’s first birthday is on june 18th! Would be great if I won this 😊😊😊😊

  14. Alaa says:

    Great! My twins are turning 4 next month 😄 hope I win this ✌

  15. Megha says:

    Sounds great. … whoever wins it will see 20 very happy faces going back and a super happy mum to see her Lil guests leaving with a big smile.

  16. Sana (@PervezSana) says:

    Wow and I thought I probably have more chances of winning as my LO turns 3 on June 5th but I see there are so many bubbas with birthdays in June 🙂 Cheers and good luck to all but secretly I’m still hoping that I would win 🙂

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