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WIN! An at-home wine tasting experience for 10 people with The Tasting Class

November 28, 2016


Clueless about cabernet? Baffled by burgundy? But still enjoy a tipple? You’re not alone. And if you’d like to learn more about wine in a (really) relaxed setting, then read on.

Dubai-based The Tasting Class has a team of qualified, internationally experienced wine and beer professionals who facilitate fun and easy to understand home tasting experiences. That’s right. At home. So no need for taxis, babysitters or high heels (unless you want to make it fancy). You can have a night in with friends, while a sommelier talks you through various themes – they can even create a bespoke topic just for you.


the tasting class dubai wine mothership


In the spirit of Christmas, I’ve teamed up with The Tasting Class to offer one reader an at-home tasting experience, valued at Dhs2,000, for up to 10 people. A brilliant way to get inspired for what to drink during December, this prize is guaranteed to have you feeling festive.

An expert from The Tasting Class will guide you through tasting of six wines, helping you and your guests to 
identify and articulate what you smell and taste. The sommelier will teach about key wine regions and grape varieties according to the topic and give tips for next time you are buying wine or choosing a glass at a restaurant. You might even find a new go-to grape.

Wines will be provided by Barracuda, your go-to store for wine, beer, spirits and more, and The Tasting Class uses Riedel variety specific glassware. Cheers!


How to win

Fancy enjoying a relaxing evening with friends, glass in hand? To enter, simply follow The Tasting Class on Facebook here and leave a message in the comment section below this post, answering the question ‘What will you be sipping this holiday season?’. There’s no right or wrong, just share your favourite.


A winner will be picked on Monday December 5th and contacted directly. Terms and conditions apply, and the prize must be redeemed before the end of January 2017. All provision of beverages will be in line with the laws in the UAE.


121 responses to “WIN! An at-home wine tasting experience for 10 people with The Tasting Class”

  1. Lucy C says:

    Hmmm….decisions, decisions. I’ll be sipping a nice glass of Malbec this holiday season!

  2. Emma says:

    Nothing can beat a crisp cold glass of Ruinart over the festive season!

  3. Leanne Henderson says:

    Anything for NZ oh plus champagne

  4. Shweta says:

    Lots and Lots or Riesling! 😋

  5. Katie says:

    Any kind of bubbly prosecco : )

  6. Monica Barten says:

    ”Tis the season to drink wine, lots and lots of wine, particularly Pinot Noir

  7. Shani Dean says:

    Will be making my first ‘Frosè’ recipe! Frozen ice cubes of my fav Australian Rosè ( 2015 High Noon, McLaren Vale) blended with strawberries, a splash of vodka and grenadine! Bring on the christmas cheer!

  8. Karen says:

    I can’t seem to find any Verdelho over here, so I am looking forward to a few glasses of my favourite white when we visit my home town in Australia for Xmas.

  9. Clare ebbs says:

    Anything alcoholic whilst the kids are off school! But prosecco all the way on Xmas day, can’t wait!

  10. Greta says:

    Start with something French and bubbly of course then a few good Aussie wines ..my hubby’s family owns a vineyard so I could do with some great wine tasting notes to share 🍷😊

  11. Jane Roberts says:

    Tipple for holiday season? HAS to be mulled wine… home made, real spices and no sachets. Ladle it straight from the pan or transfer it into a thermos for glamping. Christmas in a glass.

  12. Jemima McDonald says:

    Champagne and mulled wine – not together!

  13. Karen says:

    Despite being in the desert it has to be a glass of homemade spiced mulled wine.

  14. Karla says:

    Definitely pink champagne 🙂

  15. Gill Flening says:

    Prosecco and Pinot Grigio!

  16. Kiren Parmar says:

    My tipple for the holiday season has to be a good gin and tonic, lots of ice and lots of lime 🙂

  17. Danielle says:

    Appletiser in a champagne flute!! 🙈 Roll on third trimester!

  18. Ritika says:

    Hot chocolate with crushed hazelnuts & drizzled with Nutella

  19. Kelly H says:

    Mince pie martinis at The Ivy…best invention ever!!!

  20. Lee says:

    Got to be some bubbles!!

  21. Colette Shannon says:

    I will be partaking in some winter Pimms this festive season!

  22. Kim Lowe says:

    I will be sipping on Baileys. It’s too calorific for casual drinking so I splurge over the holidays. I love it. It feels christmassy.
    Happy holidays everyone x

  23. Carol G says:

    Bubbles are a must on Christmas Day. Savignon Blanc or Reisling every other day!

  24. Robyn Grantham says:

    Definitely mulled wine!

  25. Stephanie Hughes says:

    Bubbles, fizz, gin, sauv blanc, Malbec…..pints of water after! Ha

  26. Eiko says:

    Nice Beaujolais to pair with Turkey 💕

  27. Eiko says:

    Nuits Saints Georges for Xmas dinner 💕

  28. Eiko says:

    Ow? I thought first comment was rejected due to “duplicate comment” so had to change my red 😂

  29. Orla carbery says:

    Amazing prize ,mulled wine of course,love love love to win this 😊☘🍷

  30. Lucie Smales says:

    Lots of champagne 🍾

  31. Joanne says:

    I’m a prosecco or white zindenfel kind of girl! Only reLly drink at Xmas time! Can’t wait!

  32. Natalie Roberts says:

    Santa’s glass of brandy, rudolf’s glass of port (there’s a reason his nose is so red) and a glass of fizz for each of santa’s little helpers! Gotta love Christmas! Cheers! 🍾

  33. Ina Kubler says:

    Some spiced mulled wine to start the festivities and then bubbles for the starters and then a nice Argentinian Malbec or Rioja depending what is available.

  34. Clare Millar says:

    This holiday season Bubbles…🍾and a nice red rioja 🍷

  35. Lydelle says:

    Champagne Breakfast
    New Zealand Cloudy Bay Sav for Christmas lunch
    and finish the evening with a rich Cabernet Shiraz…..just to cover all our bases!

  36. Carol says:

    Champagne or Prosecco to start, then a nice Pinotage or Malbec with dinner.

  37. Rebecca johnston says:

    Bubbles I love me a glass of procceco 😍 was so lovely meeting you yesterday at surf house cafe Helen, made my morning was like meeting a celeb! love reading your blog

  38. Naveenkumar says:

    My wife like this sparkling wine 🍷 col de sail I prosecco following you on fb as Naveen kumar

  39. Naveenkumar says:

    My wife likes sparkling 🍷 wines like col de salici prosecco

  40. Geny NOUHCHAIA says:

    Ruinart Blanc de Blanc…St Emilion Grand Cru 🙂

  41. Jill says:

    I’ll be treating myself to a large glass of Carménère if I can get my hands on a nice bottle here !

  42. Jonathan Castle says:

    Champagne that has been maturing patiently in the fridge for the past year, then a bottle of The Chocolate Block that has been reserved for a very special occasion, and maybe a wee hauf after dinner…

  43. Gabi says:

    Pink champagne

  44. Liesl Cheney says:

    Sheesh this is going to be a lot harder because I will be spending Christmas here and so my selection is a little more limited than usual – if choice was not an option I would be enjoying a beautiful Chardonnay from Cape Grace (Western Australia) or a Diane Madeline from Cullen. This year I will sip on a sav Blanc from New Zealand. Drooling just thinking about it

  45. Sara says:

    Sherry. Lots of sherry. Then Malbec for my main course. Probably for dessert as well.

  46. Sheila Merrett says:

    Has to be champagne!

  47. Anjali Walker says:

    I will be sipping a little bit of everything!! 🍷🍾🍸
    Would love to win for me and my 9 friends! xx

  48. Zoe says:

    Lots and lots of lovely cold champagne, a very special sancerre picked out by my dad and later in the day, ameretto with my mum and mother in law. First Christmas trip to the UK for long time – can’t wait!

  49. Cindy says:

    My favourite drink… Riesling, and hopefully – Brown Brother’s Crouchen Riesling 🙂

  50. Karen says:

    Chilled Champagne to start and then a pinot noir. Love the smell of port, smells like a home Christmas, but not sure I am ready to be a port drinker just yet.

  51. Dawn Mann says:

    We always like to try new drinks and balance that with good old traditions. So, lots of mulled wine and cider, champagne and Christmas themed cocktails with chocolate, baileys, peppermint essence and garnished with candy canes! New things? I have a pink port that I really like the sound of! Cheers and Merry Christmas!

  52. sian tunow says:

    All the bubbles, with extra celebrations for baby’s first Christmas xx

  53. Kamal Dasani says:

    Anything with bubbles 🙂

  54. Anna Dawson says:

    Red, white, rose or anything bubbly……I’m not fussy!

  55. Claire Moran says:

    After 12 months of zero alcohol being pregnant and breastfeeding I cannot wait for a glass of champagne and a large glass of malbec. All the family are coming over to dubai from ireland so this would be amazing to celebrate in style,a new baby and a fantastic Xmas in Dubai!!!

  56. Louise says:

    I will being sipping Chilled proseco and some wonderful red
    Valpolichela ( spelling 😳) This festive season 🎄

  57. Anju Thomas says:

    I will be sipping anything that is red, white or pink in color!

  58. Roisin says:

    I’ll be sipping on mulled wine Christmas eve and something fizzy on Xmas day 🎅

  59. Angela says:

    I will be drinking a lovely Merlot!

  60. Sarah Arbid says:

    For sure I’ll be sipping on wine as it sure fits in the Christmas spirit..for me at least 😊😊😊

  61. Katy Rice says:

    Tia Maria Coffees….. I cant wait!

  62. After my daughter Allisah was born and all those days and endless nights of breastfeeding were through, I had my first drink in ages! we got this south african wine called two oceans from the supermarket and i remember downing copious amounts! !t was the first time I felt relaxed and enjoyed a well-deserved date night over takeout and THe Fringe on tv. i would love to replocate that! aah. the bliss of having the wine that tastes like the song in my heart

  63. Chloe says:

    I’ll be enjoying a warming glass of Merlot this Christmas… especially as we are going home to the UK for the first time in 8. years!

  64. Claire Tunow says:

    Bubbles and wine of course but for Christmas always have to have mulled wine Christmas Eve, Buckfizz for breakfast and a Baileys in the evening! Merry Christmas! 🎅🏻

  65. Cara says:

    Champagne! Laurent Perrier is one of my favs.

  66. Kate says:

    We’ll start our celebrations on Christmas Eve with some bubbles, then a good Bordeaux… Chateaux Smith Haut Lafitte along with some Caudalie goodies would do me nicely please Santa!

  67. louise says:

    Bubbles and Beaujolais! xx

  68. Ilse says:

    I nice cold glass of blanc de blanc. Surrounding by family and friends.

  69. Deema says:

    my favourite winter wine is Chateauneuf du Pape! mmmmmmmm……would you like to join me?

  70. Shauna says:

    Champers on arrival to Ireland
    Some mull wine Christmas Eve
    And maybe a nice merlot of Christmas Day and some baileys 🍷🍾😝😋

  71. Debs says:

    Aperol Spritz is my new go-to early afternoon tipple!

  72. Luci Fairbrother says:

    A chilled Pouilly Fumé for me and my husband.

  73. Alainna says:

    After almost a year of being pregnant and abstaining I will REALLY be enjoying some festive wine! Love a Malbec, a crisp SB and maybe a cheeky glass of fizz, it is Christmas!! 🌲🎉

  74. Suzie Kodama says:

    Buck’s Fizz and bacon sarnies for Christmas morning! 😋

  75. Megan Cable says:

    I’ve just discovered Aperol Spritz!
    That’s what I’ll be drinking over the festive period.
    That or bucketfuls of mulled wine in an attempt to keep warm in the UK!

  76. Rebecca says:

    Prossecco 🍾🍾🍾

  77. Bella says:

    It’s not Christmas unless it’s Moet et Chandon!

  78. Beena Pagarani says:

    Rioca for my husband and I. It’s what we gifted our friends for our daughters birth 🙂

  79. Alina says:

    Homemade spiced mulled wine for Christmas🍷. Only snow will be missing ❄️🌨

  80. Christalynne Rodrigues says:

    Lots n lots n lots of mulled wine…and coincidentally we are 10 adults in need of a Lil tlc with 5 gorgeous lil girls who drive us to the bar every now & then in search of more wine😉

  81. Ramya Chidambaran says:

    Reisling followed by some mulled wine ofcourse 🙂

  82. Jennifire says:

    Sipping Sauternes….

  83. Michelle Rodgers says:


  84. Heather says:

    Something super cold and from the Malborough region 🙂

  85. Line says:

    This Christmas I’ll be drinking gløgg – the Norwegian version of mulled wine, which is spiked with vodka and sprinkled with almonds and raisins.

  86. Lisa says:

    Mulled wine 🍷 for the festive season! Can’t wait to have the smell of mulled spices wafting through the villa 🎄

  87. Nesha says:

    I’ll be sipping a little bit of chianti this festive season. My favorite! Would love to win this for me and my 9 incredible friends. Thanks!

  88. Lisa Haddad says:

    Mulled wine and lots of it!

  89. Aisling Young says:

    Port for me! 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

  90. Erica Stone says:

    Mama Bubbles, of course!

  91. Emilia says:

    Mmh I can’t wait for some Prosecco on ice 😊 , actually I could do with one glass now 😊 I would love to learn something more about wines and may be switch to a nice white wine instead 😊

  92. Kim says:

    Whatever I can get my hands on! Hopefully have a day of cellar door tastings in Mclaren Vale, South Australia if we’re lucky..

  93. Nicole Langill-Murrin says:

    I will be drinking mulled wine, and champagne, on my first Christmas in the UK. Im pretty sure there will be some gin consumed as well.

  94. NICOLA says:

    Bubbly for breakfast and a post Christmas dinner Baileys coffee

  95. Julia shuttleworth says:

    It’s definitely rosé weather outside

  96. Laura McConnon says:


  97. Courtney Moorfield says:

    Rose rose rose – first year not pregnant / breastfeeding for a couple so plan on making up for lost time! 😘

  98. Lorna King says:

    Seasonal faves come out, eggnog and mulled wine. Paired with the timeless classics; beer, red wine and GnT. *Probably* not all on the same day, but depends how work goes!

  99. Natalie Gleeson says:

    Ah the winter holiday season! Perfect time to sip on some good old South African red wine around the firepit.

  100. Jacqueline Morris says:

    After a glass of Tattinger, I’ll be having Vina Esmirelda from Spain with my turkey and then some vintage port with my Christmas pudding 🍾🍷

  101. Kristen M says:

    Tough choice for sure… will be drinking pinot- both colors to keep with the candy cane theme of Christmas 😉

  102. ric says:

    Love a nice pint of merlot on those cold winter nights in Dubai 😉

  103. Sylvia Hansen says:

    The Marlborough round up: Oyster Bay, Cloudy Bay, Villa Maria & Matua!….and maybe a little G&T with Hendrick’s gin;)

  104. Catalina Lipscomb says:

    I will be sipping a champagne to officially start celebrating the holidays! I cannot wait!!!

  105. Adam says:

    Bubbles! Lots and lots of bubbles

  106. Liz Foord says:

    I will be sipping champagne, followed by Ch D’aiguille

  107. Krissy Jones says:

    Mulled wine and bubbles!

  108. Theresa tsui says:

    We will be attempting to do a globetrotting drinking journey through as many wine producing regions as we can possibly manage all to keep the grape industry afloat 🙂 No country will be left untouched as we sip and slurp our way through Europe, Australia, Africa, USA, South America..wherever grape grow and get pressed 🙂

  109. Anna says:

    This festive season it’s all about Rose and Red 🍷from Italy, France and Lebanon (love Ksara wines). We appreciate good wine and absolutely treasure wine&cheese evenings with friends! Cheers!

  110. Kiran soni says:

    Will be drinking a good German wine like The Blue Nun as it is my favorite….the Gold Edition 🍾

  111. Melanie Mackie says:

    Jacobs Creek Riesling

  112. Agathe says:

    Will be drinking Champagne with violet liquor yum yum and so pretty 🌸💜😍🍾

  113. Agathe says:

    We will be drinking champagne with violet liquor yum and so pretty 🍾💜🌸

  114. Claire Perry says:

    Bubbles & Mulled Wine this Christmas!

  115. DL says:

    Veuve Cliquet for good luck. Cheers! This is a fabulous giveaway. Love seeing how your blog has taken off so beautifully.

  116. Debbie says:

    Something chilled and super dry. Wine, bubbles or cider would all go down equally well.

  117. Debbie says:

    Something very chilled and dry. Wine, bubbles or even super cold cider would be fantastic.

  118. Jess mcmurdo says:

    Champers, prosecco, pilot grigio and of course delicious mulled wine 🙂

  119. Bhawna Manwani - Chahat Lalwani says:

    I would start off with a nice cozy hot chocolate ☕ and pump a lot 🍼🍼🍼
    Move to a nice Merlot or a Provence 🍷🍷🍷 and have a Very Merry Christmas! 💃

  120. One part family, one part friends, a shot of christmas spirit, a dash of holiday cheer, topped with bubbles and finished with love and laughter. My holiday mix! Happy Christmas Everyone! x

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