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A letter from your busy working mum

May 19, 2016


Dearest sprog,

I’m sorry, kid. I’m sorry that since leaving “full-time” employment to have more time with you (remember, that was the plan?) I seem to be working more than ever – still part-time at my job, on big, exciting projects I felt I couldn’t turn down, and gabbing away on the radio (something that requires far more bravery that comes naturally to me, but at least you can hear me if you’re not at nursery).

“Next week will be different,” I say to you with a hopeful smile, as I leave the house or drop you off. I promise to myself that it will, that I’ll get home earlier, and be less tired, and more cheerful.

But something always seems to come up.

And I’m coming home pale and stressed, irritable. And you’re not seeing the best of me.

This morning I remembered the work/life balance session and the exercises I did. How family is my priority and I need to book in time with you, and adhere to our ‘mum and daughter dates’ with the same discipline I apply when facing a deadline.

Because you’re the boss I care about most.

So this afternoon my ‘out of office’ went on, and everyone else could wait. We sang in the car, and shopped, and bounced on a bouncy castle of very dubious hygiene levels, but you loved it so it didn’t matter.

And next week will be different again.

But don’t forget, that even when I’m working I’m thinking of you, and it’s all for you.

Love Mum x

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