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Win! A hotel stay, spa visit and even babysitting with Premier Inn

January 10, 2017


We’re looking for the UAE’s most deserving – and sleep deprived – parents. Is this you? Do you dream of a good night’s sleep, and waking up when you’ve had enough rest NOT when your children dictate? I feel your pain! But you could win a prize for those dark circles and constant yawns…


Last month I teamed up with Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall hotel to find worthy winners to enjoy a hotel stay and spa visit at the new hotel, and thanks to Sublime Home Care we even added a babysitting service, and we were inundated with entries. From photos and videos on Instagram to heartfelt pleas on this very website, it’s clear that lots of parents in the UAE need a break.


Premier Inn at Ibn Battuta Mall


So we’d like to treat two more winners to a staycation where you can recharge your batteries, whether it’s going to bed at 7pm, or heading over to the adjoining mall for dinner and a movie. Childcare will be taken care of by qualified babysitters from Sublime Home Care and we’ll even include a trip to the hotel spa. And if you want the kids to come along for a hotel stay, Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall offers family rooms where two children under the age of 16 stay and eat breakfast for free.  Cots are always available free of charge too, which adds a nice touch.


The best bit? The hotel’s beds come with a Good Night Guarantee – with sleep the number one priority.


premier inn dubai mothership


Want to win? Of course you do.


Entering this competition is easy, and you can do it right now. Love Instagram? Simply upload a photo of you and your crazy kids, tagging @TheMothershipDXB and @PremierInnGulf, and use the hashtags #givemeabreak and #wakeupwonderful. The crazier the better! Prefer words? Just comment below, telling us why you need a night of great sleep. We will pick two winners on January 26 2017.


Good luck! x


Terms & Conditions

This competition is open to UAE residents only. The winners will be chosen by The Mothership and Premier Inn, and announced on social media.


premier inn dubai mothership



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43 responses to “Win! A hotel stay, spa visit and even babysitting with Premier Inn”

  1. Laura Mooney says:

    I’m tired – dog tired. Working full time and up between 3-4 times a night to try and get my son to sleep in his own bed. The issue is he’s cute you see and he says all the right things, just at 3am and 525am it doesn’t seem AS cute. “Lay doooown and snuggle mummy!!” And “I want to sleep with you mummy”. You can’t man – cause I’m pregnant and not only have to get up to pee 5 times a night but somehow time this with intermittent disruptions of a 3.5 year old child who wants to snuggle – again. So, I’m tired…. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  2. Kirsty Radley says:

    I would love to win this for my husband and I. I’m a sahm of just turned three year old twins and a five month baby. It’s just us, no helper or nursery. It would be wonderful to have a break from home and sleep in a bed without duplo bricks hidden under pillows – we’ve not had a night away for 3 years!

  3. Kirsty says:

    I had surgery to remove my gallbladder in oct. then got a horrendous infection and got taken in an ambulance to hospital. 2months on I’ve now cut through a tendon in my hand,the ulnar nerve and muscle. Oh and damaged another tendon too. I now can’t move my hand for 2 weeks and it’s in a cast and I might not regain the feeling or strength for sometime. We have a 2 and a half year old who we love dearly but my husband and I are so so tired. We would love this opportunity. We both work full time too.

  4. Chahat says:

    Well it’s 2:46am local time and I have been feeding my child for almost an hour. Absolutely dreading the fact that IF I do get to sleep I’ll have to wake in less than 3 hours, prepare a healthy lunch (as I have had enough of wearing my mommy jeans!!!), head for a long day of training at work and then marathon practice (the jeans!!!!!!). Could really use it…juss saying

  5. Samia Chaudhury says:

    I’m shattered. 6, 4 and 10 month old. The older two go to school and have two different finish times. The school’s afterschool costs a fortune. I stopped working when the baby was born and when he turned 6 months my husband lost his job. He is still searching. There really is not much out there. My 10 month old does not settle and has two half hour cat naps a day and every night screams until he lands in our bed. Really could do with a good night’s sleep!!! 💤

  6. Amal Beevi says:

    I have two Naughty Boys so working as full time mother .
    I really need a break from my Daily Routine.

  7. Laura Barton-Toyne says:

    Loosing my mind and also my hair 🙈 4 month old sleep regression, no help, no family, returned to work, noisy neighbours and one very sleep deprived mummy! Please help premier inn and give us all a full nights sleep xxx

  8. clare ebbs says:

    6 years ago I fell pregnant with my first child then very quickly baby number 2 arrived (only 15 months between them) both terrible sleepers and i literally would write the MINUTES of sleep I had each night just so ‘3 hrs total’ over the evening sounded like luxury and a ‘great night sleep’. I was also back at work 4 days after my first child as a wedding planner (couldn’t let my bride down) and that has continued and I don’t feel like i ever stop moving. I then fell pregnant last year but had to have emergency surgery on my uteras at 8 weeks pregnant so that was all a bit traumatic but I gave birth to 3rd child last xmas and trying to juggle 2 school runs (kids were at different schools) and a baby and no help….and a full time job has been the most challenging thing ever. I love them all dearly and love being busy but I would LOVE a night away…..oh and that spa….I don’t think I can remember what those places look like!!!! I would love to win this!!!

  9. Aisha imran says:

    New parent here.. our son is now a 15 month old and is such a cranky baby. He not only wants constant attention but if he doesn’t get something all hell breaks loose! I am a home maker and I take care of everything at home. I’m pretty much doing my chores the whole day and also have a cranky bub along side. Had a complicated c section. And after he was born he underwent surgery at 2 months old too. Husband and wife have not been on holiday at all and we are desperate to just relax. Please help us

  10. Faiza Hashmi says:

    I would settle for a full night sleep. I work full time and have a 2. Kids aged 1 and 7. Usually my husband shares the chores and helps me look after the kids but he had fractured his toe and has a cast on his leg. Now he is unable to run after the little one who just discovered walking, drop the older one to school or take her to her ECA or do any other chore around the house so I am left with all the responsibilities!

    I haven’t had a full night sleep since last 3 weeks and he has another 3 weeks to go till his cast comes off😩

    I would love to have the hotel stay!

  11. Emma Sheppard says:

    I’ve been sleep deprived for almost three years! We have 2.5 year old triplets who have never been the best sleepers we have many a night lying on the tiled floor trying to get them to sleep, then to add to the madness we now have a 4 month old who is going through sleep regression! Not much sleep is happening in my house at the moment and will probably get worse before it gets better! Myself and hubby would love a night of uninterrupted sleep! Thanks Emma

  12. Em says:

    I really would love to win this for my husband and I. We are parents to 2 gorgeous children, under 2.5 years old. We live in Fujairah but I work full time as a teacher in Dubai. I have to wake up at 4.30am every morning and I drive 250 kms a day. My son is 17 months old and does not yet sleep through the night… instead he wakes up smiling away at 2am and wants to play. As you can imagine, come Thursday I am totally exhausted. My husband sometimes doesn’t get any sleep at all, all night, if he has to look after our son so that I can then drive safely. A night away together would really allow us to spend some quality time together, instead of feeling that we are just ships who pass in the night! Also in the past 4 years I have had 2 knee operations, 2 C sections and my gallbladder removed and my mother-in-law passed away last year. We could really do with a break! 🙂

  13. Jessica Ferguson-Thomas says:

    My 18 month old is up every 2 hours – working full time it’s killing me and my husband! She often ends up in bed with us and the best description is she’s “like an octopus trying to find her keys”. They’re long nights…!

  14. Zenubia says:

    Help!!! Save me from three little bed-invaders! I haven’t slept properly in ages. Between feeding, diaper changes, night terrors, nebulizing, helping sleepyheads navigate to the washroom, giving medicine, massaging tired little limbs, and sharing a pillow with a stubborn toddler – I dred the night.
    Too exhausted to even hold a conversation with hubs.

  15. Gemma Wills says:

    I am a teacher so I work full time.,
    I have 3 beautiful kids age 10, 3, and 9m.
    My hubby had his leg amputated 2 years ago and as yet has not managed to find employment.
    So I am the sole earner in the household.
    We don’t have enough spare cash to employ a helper or a cleaver so hubby cares for the baby at home
    When I return from work I continue all the household chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry and childcare
    Don’t really get much of a break and can’t really afford to go stay in a hotel overnight.
    I’m tired and in desperate need of some TLC and pampering.

  16. Carolynn says:

    Every story is a winner considering what all mothers go through. But then again, when we become mothers, we sign up for all those sleepless nights and every little thing that concerns our children, for eternity. Taking care of our children is not a job, it is a blessing.

    I am a proud single mother of twin boys, 3yrs 10months old. I work in aviation as a flight attendant, which means I work at different times in different time zones. I love my job and I am grateful that I can provide for my children. I always make time for them regardless of my schedule.

    I am writing this, not for me to try and win the package for myself or my children, but for our house help who I consider family. She deserves the pampering, she takes care of my children for almost 20days a month when I am at 39,000ft trying to make a living and provide for my boys. She is a mother to my children as much I am to them.

    To all the mothers out there, I wish you lots of joy and happiness as you raise your children. It is a blessing to be a mother.

    Happy Mom 😊

  17. Amanda Bailey says:

    My now 3 yr old is nicknamed destructo boy and my 6 year old is a saint. In the space of a year he’s decorated the bathroom with toothpaste 6 times, even when the toothpaste is out of his reach he finds a way, hes decorated my bedroom with talcum powder and after I’ve cleaned our home, he’s decided to paint my sofa and walls with my invisible dry deodorant stick, btw, they lied when they say it doesnt mark. My husband works hard to keep a roof over our head, food in our bellies and clothes on our backs, we’ve not had a date night for 6 six years, since our eldest was born, husband has always worked long shifts, he’s a firefighter, so often worked his days off. Our youngest keeps us on our toes and our 6 year old is a diamond with having to help out, i have 3 prolapse discs so struggle to keep up with such an active 3 year old, was spoilt with our first he was so easy. Its gone past threatening to put our 3 year old for sale on ebay, im now threatening to put him up for adoption!! Im a stay at home housewife at the moment and constantly tidying up the mess and havoc, destructo boy creates after I’ve just deep cleaned the place. To say we are exhausted from his shenanigans is an understatement….. HELP!! a few hours to ourselves would be a piece of heaven.
    Yours beseachingly …. 2 exhausted older parents

  18. Cris says:

    Simple-almost 22 months old and he has NEVER SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Please help

  19. Anushka says:

    I’m a PR professional, which means long hours of work during the day and a mom who is weaning her 13month old off night feeds, which means he constantly is asking to be fed and I’m constantly trying to put him back to bed. The only solace are those naps on Friday and Saturday afternoon.
    My husband works in the tourism industry and his hours are completely different from mine hence we don’t get to see each other through the week!
    If it’s impossible to catch a break in this scenario, wait till you hear more. I don’t have a nanny so post work I come home, feed my baby. Keep him in his high chair and clean up after a very long day.
    Luckily my mother in law looms after the baby through the day.
    On that happy note…. Desperately need a night off with the husband. This is not a competition entry. It’s a plea for a night away with the husband

  20. May Berdonar says:

    Who else needed a break? I am a full time mother of three Boyz ages 7yrs,3yrs and 1yr old… Knowing Boyz, they are the craziest and Happiest creatures gift given from above. Here now and then fighting to the little and non sense things but later on they will be playing again. Toys and other stuffs are always on the house. Crying there and now, asking food, milk, want to pee, want to watch and that etc. Haisst… 😁😁😁… Even I’m in the restroom they are in the door watching and waiting haha! Going to supermarket buying food stuff is like vacation for me (which only 30mins when your out they are look for you and will say “why don’t you bring me out?” … My husband is working and only Friday is our family time. And wish to win this for us a time together and be one memorable memories.

  21. Sadia says:

    I think a single mom like me who has to tc of her newborn and run around for every little thing on her own in this big world can get really stressful. From getting a divorce to providing, nursing, caring and trying to be a mom and dad for my son. I really feel I could take a break for the weekend and enjoy a quiet time with my son. It would be really grate to just have a weekends peace when our whole world has been crashing down lately. Thanks

  22. Erika says:

    New 1st time mommy to 2.5 month old twins…. parents have now left and gone back home, nanny I hired decided she didn’t want to take care of kids, so am currently taking care of my two little angels until we can find new help. My days and nights consist of feeding, burping, and attempting to get them to sleep and be on a schedule!
    On top of this I was let go from my job so do not foresee myself spending any extra $ to take a break in the near future..

  23. Faiza Jamal says:

    I’m extremely tired lol. My little girl is two years old and has had a handful of a full nights sleep. I’m a student in my second year of uni as well as a beautu therapist so I juggle work, uni and a family. To make matters worse she doesn’t nap in the afternoon either. My husband is a secondary school teacher and even he doesn’t get good sleep because when my little one wakes up she screams!

  24. Kelly says:

    I would like to enter on behalf of my good friend Vicky.
    With a 3yr old and a 3 mth old she has been an amazing friend to me. Even while overcoming illness, sleepless nights, work issues and now her husband has been made redundant! She has always been there for me – (after I had my baby she had a friend look after her kids so she could help me with my first night alone with my 2 week old ‘colicky’ baby who hated sleep!) and now it’s possible she may have to leave Dubai 🙁
    She is a wonderful mum, wife and friend – she deserves this so much x
    Thank you!

  25. Nathalie says:

    I have 3 kids under 3 year old.
    None of them are twins.
    Only 1 talks and 2 can walk
    Oh and I am back at work and havent had a full night sleep since I i first got pregnant over 3 years ago 🙂
    I think that says it all ?

  26. Nathalie says:

    I have 3 kids under 3 year old.
    None of them are twins.
    I could elaborate but I am too tired to do so and believe that says it all!

  27. Amberly Metzler says:

    I guess all parents need this little break! My husband is normally away in Indonesia or Iraq so I would love for him to come back without the stress of boogers and diapers and laundry laying around! You know just a couple days where our surroundings are not completely over run with stepping on duplo and singing babyshark! Would totally appreciate this one 🙂

  28. Mira says:

    With a constantly sick 2 year old and 6 months old newborn it’s safe to say I’m hardly getting any sleep. Yesterday I was cooking after everyone went to sleep and fell asleep on the sofa while waiting for the food to cook. I woke up with the sound of a screaming baby and a horrible burned food smell..

  29. Tom Bolton says:

    I’m writing this for my wife as she probably doesn’t even know about this competition. I can’t claim to have half as bad a story as some of the mum’s here, but we are first time parents and simply put my wife is rocking being a mum and I simply don’t know how she does it. She is constantly awake at all hours feeding and caring for baby Alyssa who is 4 months old. Even when she is at her witS end she is the face of calm for Alyssa (although I more often than not don’t get the same treatment!) But attempting to do ssh patt in our bathroom(the only pitch black room in the flat) for hours on end would probably do that to anyone.

    So I’m happy to take the flack and if I can repay her in some small way with this little treat then that would be ace!

  30. Suzie Foley says:

    Oh my goodness I could use SLEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!! I have 15 month old twin boys that still don’t sleep through the night 😓😓😓😓😓. I’m still breastfeeding them, I’m so very proud but it has been EXHAUSTING!! Also my five year old daughter shares our room as we only have a 2 bedroom apartment. The romance is DEAD!!!! 😥😥😥😥😥. Winning this would be a dream come true. A night alone with my husband with qualified babysitters??? This could literally save my marriage!!

  31. Saba says:

    I would absolutely love this getaway!! Since my husband and I have been married for the last 7 years we never got a chance to go for a honeymoon due to his work. Right after that we moved from Canada for his work, had our first baby and more recently
    Moved to Dubai for his work. In the midst of this move we found out that baby no 2 is on it’s way and we are due in March. This would be a much deserved and wonderful babymoon before baby 2 arrives and we can get some much deserved rest!

  32. Emily Rentsch says:

    Wow. After reading so many of us mums are sleep deprived I barely feel like I am in for a chance. I am a mother of One gorgeous girl who for the most part is an absolute joy! I went back to work when she was three months and ha e a crazy work schedule where I spend all my day providing sporting opportunities for other parents children. Of course when I get home from an 11 hour day I am engulfed with guilt! Throwing myself into the nighttime routine, slowly wearing myself more and more into the ground. I am passionate about breastfeeding so have maintained this while working… my job includes weekend commitments and my husband has just started his masters! I’d like another bundle of joy… but seeing I don’t ever se my husband that won’t be happening soon! 🙂 a night away would be a dream, but after reading these posts you need to give more than just two away! More like 2000!!!!

  33. Megan says:

    It is 1:48am, my 9 month old is still awake. Same routine every night. He will sleep in until 9am however. Pity some of us don’t have that option! Lucky he is a cutie!

  34. Katrina Andrea Danganan says:

    I am a SAHM with my eldest son 6 years old and my youngest daughter who is 6 months old. We need this absolutely grateful prize for me and for my husband as he is the only provider for our family and I am the only one taking care all the responsibilities and chores in the house. Sleeping is my most relaxing time in 24/7 of doing the chores but my daughter wakes up for milk every hour for 8-10mins and sometimes in the middle of my sleep here is my son waking me up saying his legs hurt and needs a massage. Sometimes when they awake me in the middle of my sleep, i cant get back again to my sleep anymore until the sun is showing. And then at 5am I need to wake up for my husband and son’s breakfast. I love doing these everyday but I know I need a break. And I never experience this kind of break. (Fingers cross) I wish I could win this prize.

    Good luck to all of us.

    More power @themothershipdxb.
    God bless all.

  35. Emily says:

    Why should we win! Because We are tired!!! Our 18month old is going through a “I only want to be worn (in the manduca)/I’ll only nap in the car or when we are out so you can’t nap at the same time/ I’m sleeping… jokes, let’s play!” stage and my husband and I are starting to feel it. Please!!! We would love an overnight stay.. room service and movie! Bliss

  36. Carolyn says:

    A trip like this would be an absolute treat! We have a gorgeous 16 month old little boy but he is busy as a bee. I am a stay at home mom trying to run my own business, with no family support or help and would so enjoy and appreciate the break! Xxx

  37. We’re exhausted. Like completely bodily exhausted!
    We moved to the UAE in August 2016 and I don’t believe we’ve had a full nights sleep since the day.
    With my ever problematic anxiety & depression building on top of an anxious 4 year and an 18month that thinks morning starts st 1:30am it’s been a tough journey so far.
    Our youngest literally likes to wake around the 1:30 mark and doesn’t go back to bed until the husband & eldest go to school/work!
    Sleepy parents over here in need of a break and a cheeky trip to Dubai!
    I also write a parenting/mental health awareness blog – would love you to read if you fancy it?

  38. Louise says:

    I work full time as an early years teacher, and I have a rambunctious 2 year old who still co-sleeps and nurses. I’ve just put in a months of crazy hours to finish my masters thesis and have finally submitted it! So proud of myself but man do I need a break now! 😆

  39. Aisha Muhammad says:

    I would loveto win and I so love sleeping this would be the best gift everrrrrr!!!! Hopes to get luckyyyyyy

  40. Tricia Baugh says:

    Wow – aren’t us Mum’s amazing! I think every one here should be rewarded with some sleep!!
    Here is my story:
    After losing his job in June, my husband returned to the UK and then on the the USA to study. In his absence, I have our two children (6 year old boy and 2 year old girl)…and a full time teaching and leadership job…and no nanny. Can you imagine the daily planning, marking, parent contact, school trips, meetings…and an active, academic 6 year old combined with a 2 year old who no longer sleeps? I swear that children get their energies by sucking it from their parents. Every night, we battle the bedtime. ‘Mummy, sleeeeeeeep!’ so I pretend to sleep (try not to actually fall asleep) while she does. Followed by a million ‘can I have water? I need the toilets’ from the big one! Duties call. Dinner, cleaning, lunch boxes, late night marking beyond 23:00 all to be woken up 2-3 times by the small child… and then up again at 05:30. Every. Single. Day. Obviously, being a mum, I am a big fan of looking after each other, so regularly have other children to stay over, gatherings for friends, play dates etc… but honestly… even the suggestion of an uninterrupted night’s sleep has taken my mind of on a blissful wander!
    Good luck to all the deserving, zombie-mums! I’m rooting for you all x

  41. Reshma says:

    Rather than the reason of sleep deprived due to a toddler I would love to win this to spend some quality time with my hubby after ages while relaxing that our daughter is fully taken care by the experts. And I really wish to win this 🙂

  42. Olivia Kampe says:

    Ahhhhh I’m in such big need for some sleep time! Yes I only have one baby but damn she is a little demanding one:) Almost one year and I haven’t had a full night sleep yet. I mean I consider 3 hours a good night😳 She loves to be carried…am I spoiling her? I carry her so much my hips are higher on one side(I need a massage!) my hubby works a lot and do I have a nanny? No I’m one of those stubborn I can do this on my own kinda gal (which sometimes I regret. I love my baby to bits and I will do anything for her, but it would be nice to have some me-time also❤️Thank you for this wonderful competition!

  43. Lora Moore says:

    I would absolutely love to win this… best prize ever!!! SLEEP the one thing that every parent wants and before I became a mum oh how I loved my sleep. What I would really love though is some time to appreciate my husband; we moved to Dubai in August and haven’t enjoyed a night to ourselves yet as we discovered our daughter was diabetic soon after arriving which means lots of waking in the night due to low blood sugar and lots of worrying trying to get our heads around her illness. Not sure if the babysitters would be qualified to watch her but it’s worth a shot as we wouldn’t want to burden any of our friends with the stress of watching her whilst we go out. We are both extremely sleep deprived as so many parents out there but i would just like a moment to remember what got us here in the first place without talking about blood sugar levels, finger pricking and insulin injections.

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